“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents,” said Jane Dee Hull once.

Who can be a better testimony to this valuable quote than me? Born in a values-imparting family and brought up by parents with a balanced approach towards parenting, I feel fortunate having evolved into a rational person. I am overwhelmed to use this platform as an opportunity to acknowledge every wise step and every great decision my parents took ever since they planned to conceive me.

YouandKids.com is an absolute dedication to parents who are so willing to make life better for their young ones. Whether you are expecting a child, or have just been blessed with a newborn or parenting his or her growth years, the website promises loads of valuable tips, advice, ideas, and suggestions. From buying the first baby toy or cloth to teaching good habits and manners, learn everything you anticipate as perfect for your child.

We learn at every stage of life and parenting is definitely not an exception here. Our website draws inspirations and takes ideas from real parents as well as the parenting experts who have a lot to share in this regard. We do it for the sake of passing on the success with which our parents painstakingly brought us up. Our constant effort is to make your experience of parenthood a really cherishing one.

Let’s join hands to impart great values in them and prepare them to become beautiful human beings.