What to Consider for a Wedding With Kids?

A wedding ceremony where either the bride or the groom has children from an older marriage will likely need to include them in the ceremony. Additionally, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren may have a part to play at the wedding. Even if you’re a young couple with no children as yet, marriage is the beginning of a new family, and you want to keep that in mind.

Weddings are important occasions for multiple reasons, not least of which being the establishment of a community where before there was none. Accordingly, you want to commit all effort to planning which properly matches the occasion. You need to know where the wedding is going to be, when, how long it will last, what sort of food and entertainment options there are—the list goes on.

A concern you’ll have to address at some point will be the wardrobe. If you’ve got young bridesmaids or flower girls, they’ll need clothing designed for the rambunctiousness of kids, and stylistically consistent with the fashion you’ve chosen as your wedding’s theme. An excellent resource can be found in these bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses from Azazie.

Something else you’ll want to look into for the young ones is entertainment. If there’s only one child involved in the whole ceremony, this may not be a big deal provided you’re conscientious. However, in most large weddings, there ends up being a few dozen kids. They should have fun at the ceremony and reception as possible—this sets a good precedent.

Collateral Good Examples

Wedding with Kids as Wedding Bubble Ring Bearer 

When children see two families coming together, and have a good time with their own family at the reception, they’re more likely to view weddings in a positive light going forward. Certainly, they’ll be bored during the ceremony itself, but a bouncy castle at the reception can keep them busy in a safe place where they expend energy without breaking anything.

Also, when you’re catering the event, you might look into candy options for the dessert table. This can make the event less difficult for young ones who don’t understand the gravity of the situation.

It’s also worthwhile to include young ones in key parts of the ceremony. Some weddings will have a son or daughter from a previous marriage present a wedding ring to a new spouse and read a Bible verse into a microphone. There are a lot of ways to go about this, and you’ll want to know in advance what makes the best sense to you and your spouse-to-be.d

Seating arrangements for children are also something to consider. At most weddings, there’s a reception area where a proper number of round tables are set up. Sometimes they’re reserved, sometimes they aren’t. Families sit around them with their children. However, especially if you’re conducting a ceremony with an open bar, you might have a separate area for children of a certain age to hang out.

DJs, Community, and Restrooms

A lot of weddings will hire DJs that do musical numbers for the adults and the young ones—it’s not uncommon to see a bit of “chicken dance” on the floor. This can be a good way to keep the young ones involved. Also, consider restroom arrangements. You want a family restroom available somewhere on the premises. There’s always some emergency when there are children around, and you want to give the moms at your wedding a way of dealing with it as discreetly and uneventfully as possible.

Weddings bring communities together, and they can be quite fun for everyone if they’re done right; you’ll just have to plan things.


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