5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy During COVID-19

We are going through a pandemic that’s affecting the world on a global level. Instead of letting worry and anxiety take over our lives, let’s learn to make the most of this situation. You’re probably at home with your kids, which isn’t something you get to do every day!

This makes it the perfect time to learn something new and bond together as a family. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to make the most out of this pandemic:

Learn A New Instrument

There are so many benefits associated with learning how to play an instrument. Just to name a few, it reduces stress, uses several parts of the brain, increases memory capability as well as time-management skills, and even strengthens the immune system!

It’s important to see the silver lining in tough situations like a pandemic. You and your children now have extra time to try some new things.

Have them choose the instrument they’d like to learn. Guitars and drum sets are popular choices. To save money, we recommend purchasing a used instrument. We’re confident you can find some used guitars in great condition. For drum sets, buy used cymbals to save money (especially if you’re just starting out).

Keep Active

Your kids need exercise as much as you do! Turn your living room into a gym and set up stations.

For instance:

  • Station 1: Pushups
  • Station 2: Sit-ups
  • Station 3: Jumping Jacks

Have someone at every station and do the exercise for 30 seconds. Rotate, repeat, and keep each other motivated. Afterward, while you’re taking a break, have the kids decide on the next three exercises. They’ll love this activity, and it will help you stay in shape too!

Bake Together

One activity that’s fun and yummy (literally), is baking! This includes anything from cookies to cakes to brownies. It’s a great way for children to learn about measuring, ingredients, and making tasty goodies!

It will also be a bit of a challenge since you may not have all the necessary ingredients at home. This means you’ll have to improvise and make your own ingredients! For example, if the recipe calls for powdered sugar and you don’t have any, make some! All you need is regular sugar, a little bit of cornstarch, and a blender!

Baking together is one way to stay busy and get creative while in quarantine!

Teach the Dog New Tricks

Our furry pets are loving the fact everyone’s home with them. This is the perfect opportunity to teach them how to sit or stay. If they already know these tricks, teach them something new like laying down and rolling over.

Here’s a quick list of cool tricks to teach your pet:

  • Rollover
  • Shake hands
  • Speak
  • High five
  • Play dead
  • Dance

Make Easy Crafts

This is a great one for the entire family, even though it can get a little messy!

What kid doesn’t like making crafts? Especially if they get to decide what they want to make! There are endless options when it comes down to getting crafty. You can start a scrapbook with your favorite photos, decorate flower pots, make slime, or paint a blank canvas. You could also make cards to send to friends and relatives that you can’t visit during this time.

For inspiration, watch YouTube tutorials. We guarantee that your child will know what they want to make in a matter of minutes!


It’s important to stay positive and strong for your family while staying at home. It’s not every day you get to spend entire days with your kids, so enjoy them while they last! Any of these 5 activities are sure to spice up the day and grow closer as a family. Enjoy!

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