Ways How Mothers Can be The Best Speech Therapist for a Speech Delayed Child

Delayed speech in kids is a common phenomenon. However, moms (especially first-time moms) tend to get nervous with minor speech abnormalities in kids. Usually, kids start speaking single-syllabic words by 1.2 years and by the end of the 3rd year, the child can generally speak all the basic words and lines to convey their needs. If this is not the case with your child, follow our proven suggestions. Our aim is to help your child with clear speech and language development.

Mothers Can be The Best Speech Therapist

Parents play a key role in child’s communication development and can truly help with the child’s speech therapy at home with some speech therapy activities. Whether the child stammers, clutters while speaking, faces problems in learning the alphabets, sounds of some specific letters or difficulty in using new words, parents can adopt thoughtful ways and speech therapy activities at home that can be effective.

Here are some sure-shot ways to help your child in speech therapy

  • Resonance

Even the most stubborn kid is bound to speak the word that rings into his ears 24*7. Repeat the word as many times possible with a proper indication, so that the child can relate to the visual and sound effect.

  • Focus on Easy Words with Priority

Select the first-grade priority words first, for example – mom, dad, pee, poop, food, yummy, yes, no, give, open, close, help, come etc. Take 4 words for 1 week and try! Do not hurry with the child’s language development. Let him get adjusted to the word through sound and vision like if you are teaching him the word ‘Mom’, show yourself in the mirror and let him associate with the word. Similarly find ways in which the child can quickly relate with words like Dad, Sun, Mat etc.

  • Do Not Entertain Signs/Gestures

This is a thumb-rule to follow once your child is 2 years. Do not respond to any of his/her gestures unless he/she is able to utter at least 1 or 2 words about the same. It need not be a proper sentence but just the right words to indicate is enough! Do not let him/her get lazy about speech!

  • Sing Everyday

Knowing 2-year-old speech therapy activities that show positive results needs planning. However, songs and rhymes have been age old ways of training a child to speak. It is easy to memorize rhythmic and matching words. Sing some specific songs during bed time, play time and tantrum moments and see the results. Children generally try to imitate parent’s words and repetitive sounds heard. Needless to say, keep repeating the same songs for at least 2-3 months to expect some result.

The child’s language development needs active participation of parents. Incorporating language-building strategies in everyday activities is the best way of doing the same.

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