A Parent’s Guide to Tracking Child’s Phone Location

Parenthood in the modern era is one of the most challenging tasks. With the advancement in technology, one no longer needs to worry about their child’s location. If you have bought your child a phone then all you need is to track the phone. This will help you establish their exact location to find out where they are, when they go out. Many applications have been designed to help in phone tracking.

All one needs is to install such software on their child’s phone and keep track of their movement. One of the most recommended software for tracking a child’s whereabouts is Cocospy.

Cocospy – The Best Solution to Tracking Child’s Phone Location

Millions of users who are looking forward to monitoring their child’s phone usage subscribe to Cocospy. Android Authority has rated this software as being the best in the market for its functionality and compatibility with most phones. The Forbes magazine lists Cocospy as one of the most efficient applications in phone tracking. The app is designed with a simple interface and attractive graphics making it simple to use. It involves three main steps in registration; free sign up, installation, and monitoring.

Also, one can get a free demo before signing up for the software. The demo is available on the company website. One can monitor their child’s location using any computer from any location. Unlike other applications in the market, Cocospy is faster and easy to install.

Monitoring how a child uses their phones is as important as knowing where they are when they go out. In Android phone, Cocospy allows the user to monitor browser history in the phone. It is essential to go through browsing history to check the nature of websites your child is visiting whenever they use the internet.

COCOSPY Software                             

Cocospy – Showing a User’s Browsing History

Learning how to track a phone number begins by installing the most uncomplicated software that will help you go through the process hassle-free. Cocospy helps the users to track how their children use their various social media handles such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. The software keeps a record of people they talk to and allows parents to evaluate or examine their child’s conversation in social media.

Cocospy guarantees maximum parental control on how the child uses their phone. Cocospy’s unique feature is its ability to monitor other social sites that the child uses. You can install it on any Android gadget from version 4.0 onwards.

As shown in Figure 2 below, Cocospy helps one to monitor the status of other software installed on their child’s phone. This feature of the software is helpful because much information is hidden in such applications. For instance, by keeping a record of individuals the child contacts regularly, the software user (parent) can block chats, apps, and websites they consider undesirable for their children. The user can also go through the child’s contact and call list to identify any suspicious contacts.

Tracking child's phone location with cocospy

Cocospy Keeps a Record of Major Social Media Applications

Since most Android phones are GPS enabled, installing Cocospy on the child’s phone helps in locating the child as long as they will leave the house with their phones intact. One can also find out places the child has visited using Cocospy. This tracker software will help the parent to find out where their children spend most of their time and who they spend most of their time visiting. Cocospy comes with an iOS solution. This means it does not have any restrictions when installing on major Android and Apple phones.

Finally, the parental control features imposed by this software makes it easier to monitor how the child uses a phone. When used properly, the software can help the parent avoid the hassle of physically locating a child when he or she is out with friends. Ideally, installing Cocospy in the teen’s phone is a good and a smart choice. It helps the parent to monitor their child’s behavior and peer pressure.

Today, children are getting into social issues like trespassing, illegal parties, drugs, and substance abuse. Having quality-tracking software in the child’s phone helps one to avoid the consequences related to unlimited phone usage. It is a perfect solution to even ensure child internet safety. Any parent looking forward to ensuring their child is safe when using their phone should not hesitate to install a spy or tracker software on their phones. Cocospy is also useful for keeping a check on how employees use their computers.


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