5 Tips to Shop Smart for Your Family Clothes

Whether it’s for the upcoming school year or just updating your wardrobes, shopping for clothes can be expensive for families. It’s a must to be smart when buying new clothes to prevent overspending and unpurposeful shopping. When you don’t have a family it can be easy to buy what you want and not really consider the prices or stores, but when you’re accounting for more than yourself, you must pay attention to certain factors to help you become a smarter shopper.

Shopping, in general, can burst your pockets and budgets, whether its for groceries or a wardrobe. Sometimes buying items here and there is beneficial, but that takes time. If you want to knock all of your shopping out at once, create a spending budget to help you stay within limits. There are some tips to help you remain in your budget and give you shopping relief.

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1. Start at Discount Stores

Discount stores are where you should begin your shopping. Take advantage of lower priced items that are offered at low-end retailers. Whether it is a thrift store or shops like Marshalls and Bargain Hunt, discount stores offer the same types of clothing as the stores in the mall. Many people give away their clothes and most of these items are brand new or lightly used.

Don’t shy away from buying used or rejected clothing. Many people feel like buying brand new items is the best way to go, but if you want to save money, shopping at consignment or discounted shops will give you the same quality items. These stores usually sell their name brand items at a higher discount resulting in lower prices of things that others buy regular priced.

2. Remember Quality Over Quantity

Try to remember the number one rule of shopping: quality over quantity. Making sure you pay attention to the quality of an item will be more beneficial for your family in the long run. Some cheap clothing is made cheap and can get ruined easier than others. Don’t overpay for quality if you feel it isn’t worth it, but make sure to choose one nice shirt over five cheap shirts.

Also, don’t pay a large amount of money for a name brand item when you know it won’t last long. Think about certain fabrics as well, when shopping. You wouldn’t want to buy an item that needs special care, like dry cleaning, as it will cost you more time and money to clean. Having a family means you must make sure you create an easier life for yourself. Your days are already filled with busy children and countless duties, so you don’t want to add stress with difficult clothing.

3. Hand-Me-Downs Count

Use the hand-me-downs you already have to help limit the amount of money you spend on buying new items. This is especially helpful for those who have more children with similar sizes. As your kids grow up and out of their clothing, handing them down to your other kids is beneficial for you and them. You could even receive clothing from friends and family who have clothes that no longer fit. Many other families have a large amount of clothing sitting around because their child outgrew them and would be happy to give them away to someone who needs them. This is especially prominent in babies, toddlers, and younger children.

Many people use hand-me-downs and it is often never looked down upon, especially for parents. Some children and teenagers may feel a type of way about wearing other people’s clothing, but explaining to them that it helps your budget and gives you more money for other things they may have an interest in. Teaching your kids about the value of money will help them down the line and will make your process of buying things easier for them to understand.

4. Shop With a Purpose

Shopping with a purpose means shopping with a plan you created ahead of time. Don’t shop just because there are sales, shop because you need to. People spend loads of money on clothes just because they’re getting a deal when in actuality they are buying things for the wrong reasons. Though it is good to treat yourself sometimes, it is beneficial to be smart about shopping for your family.

Try not to focus on stocking up and think about what you and your family really need. Many of the items you buy may never get worn because you are buying so much at a time. From small items like belts and keychains to shoes and outerwear, make sure to think about purchasing with a purpose.

You should also consider how the clothing is made and what your money is really going to. There are many stores that give their proceeds to many charities and those in need. Think about this too to remain smart when shopping and to feel the reward of contributing to something other than yourself or large corporations.

5. Stick with a Budget

Create a spending budget and stick with it. Whether you only want to buy a few items, think about how much you should spend. This will help you feel safer with your money all while providing the items needed for your family. Budgets are good for all kinds of spending and when it comes to shopping, it is crucial to maintaining a smart mind. Create a list to help you stick to the items you need and you will become a more clever shopper.  Focus on the items you need first to create a wardrobe with coordinating items. If you’re wanting to buy a whole wardrobe follow a specific order to help with budgeting and long lasting items.

  • Shoes
  • Pants, shorts, and other bottoms
  • Shirts
  • Jackets and other outerwear
  • Underwear
  • Accessories




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