Tips To Have a Decluttered Toy Room

Toys are almost everywhere, if you have a small kid in your household. Keeping the playroom of your child organized is a big challenge. Most kids leave the toys on the floor after playing and parents have to insist them on picking the toys to tidy up the room. However, the main issue is that following the same routine of making them pick toys multiple times a day in order to achieve a decluttered toy room can be irritating at times. Worry not! It is actually possible to own a relatively uncluttered, organized playroom by following some simple methods.

‘How many toys should a child have?’ – The question often posed by parents is tough to answer.The answer usually varies from family to family. Irrespective of the number of children you have, toys collection grows exponentially with the passage of time. In order to win this never-ending war against playroom clutter, you could make use of some great tips listed here.

Decluttered Toy Room

Keep It Minimal

Only a minimalistic toy room can stay clean and organized. With just a few toys, your kid’s room will be quite easier to maintain and you won’t lose your calm. At the end of each season, help your child to get rid of all those toys, which are broken, not functioning or do not interest him anymore. You should make a habit of decluttering after frequent time intervals. Successful playroom purge saves you a lot of space and time.

Setting of Special Places

Kids require a proper place to keep their toys. Try to provide them with baskets, bags, and boxes so that they can manage their belongings in an easy manner. You can help them in deciding the right place for putting playing cards, action figures, their favorite toys, etc. This helps them to easily find their stuff as they know where to look. They will not have to mess with their entire collection to find a specific toy.

Rotation Helps

It is easy to manage the toy collection and keep it under control by following the rule of rotation. You can select a few of their least favorite toys or board games and move them to the basement. Let the kids play with their lesser stuff for a few months. After a few months, when they would want you to buy them something new, you can pull out the stored toys from the basement and let the kids enjoy. Do not forget to put some more toys in the basement, to replenish their collection later. This method of toy reorganization works well with most of the parents.

Teach Kids to Contain

Some specific areas in a house like a living room, kitchen, bedroom and dining room are meant only for the household stuff.  Toys should not find a way into these rooms. Teach your kid that he has a play area where he has the freedom to play with his toys. He should know how to contain his stuff to his playroom only.

Bins Help in Quick Cleanup

Teach your kids to make a habit of cleaning up the toy room after playing. You can buy some bins or baskets in which it is easy for the kids to toss their stuff after playing. You can even label the bins or baskets to make the task easier for your children.

Put a Stop to Unnecessary Buying Of Toys

If you limit yourself while buying clothing, groceries, etc. then why not follow a strict budget in the case of toys too. You can easily limit your toy purchases by setting a predetermined budget and by evaluating whether you actually require that toy. Don’t allow your kids to purchase toys recklessly.

Teach Kids to Share

If you have three kids, then it does not make sense to buy three similar toys. It is the right time for them to learn the lessons of compromise, cooperation, generosity and sharing at this tender age.

Now you know all that can help you in decluttering your child’s playroom. Kids will mess and you must allow them to do so. But once they are done with the paying, make sure that they clean their playroom to prevent cluttering. A minimalistic approach to toy shopping is definitely a plus.

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