Tips to Buy Baby Car Seat for Safe and Enjoyable Rides

Excited to bring your newborn home from the hospital? Or, is the little one set for his or her first long drive? Your baby’s first appearance on road calls for installing a car seat to arrange comfort, convenience and safety. compiles some worth-reading statistics about car seat safety, including how these reduce the risk of infant deaths by 71%. Choosing a car seat can be confusing if you are out to stores without gathering useful knowledge. Here are some tips to choose from available baby car seat varieties considering all important factors like type, budget and more.

Here are some tips to choose car seats considering all important factors.

Begin with Measurements

Refer to car seat age weight chart for the right selection. provides these charts to help parents choose a car seat according to the age, weight as well as the height of kids. The next thing to measure is the space available in your car to buy the best fit. An important consideration is whether there would be one or more babies traveling in the car. Make sure you measure the space to fit in two or more seats in that case.

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Infant or Convertible Car Seat

‘Should I buy an infant or convertible car seat?’ is one of the common questions from parents. Here are some points you need to consider to make your choice.

  • Infant seats are only rear-facing car seats. These are apt for newborns and infants. Infant seats are obviously useful for short-term as you would need to replace them as the baby grows.
  • While infant seats can be taken out from the car, convertible ones can’t be. It means a sleeping baby must be transferred from a convertible seat to a stroller after you reach the destination. It can be inconvenient.
  • Convertible or all-in-one car seats are best for pre-schoolers and toddlers. You can choose from the front-facing or the rear-facing car seats.
  • Convertible seats promise flexibility and serve for long-term, thereby saving a lot of money.
  • A third option is an infant seat-stroller combo, referred to as travel system. It not only saves money but also serves the dual purpose.

Baby Car Seat Safety Check

Don’t blindly believe what the brand or the vendor has to say. Put in your own efforts to ensure complete safety while buying car seats:

  • Refer to the car seat laws by state and adhere to them strictly.
  • Pay attention to the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system. The seat’s LATCH must be compatible with the LATCH provided in your car.
  • Prefer the seat with 5-point harness which consists of 2 straps for shoulders, 2 for thighs and 1 to go between the child’s legs.
  • Side impact protection is what many seat designs promise through features like padded wings and extra foam. Prefer choosing a car seat that offers this cushioning.
  • Opt for multiple position recline that can be adjusted according to the specific needs.
  • Headrests, chest pads, impact protection shields add to the child’s safety.
  • Finally, refer to the latest car seat safety ratings.

Car seat prices start from $50 and may go up to $400. When you wish to buy the best infant car seats, don’t hesitate to spend extra and avail great features. Consider brand value, reviews and expert recommendations and also take advice from the experienced parents.

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