Things to Have in House During Pregnancy Period

When you are pregnant as a couple, you need to ensure that you create a positive environment for the baby and her mother. To do this, you can have a set of things around your house to make the transition from a normal life to a pregnant life easy. Having these items around your house will not only help create a positive environment but also help you in going through the multiple stages of pregnancy. These things will also help you be ready for any medical emergency that you might face during the pregnancy.

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Things to Have in Kitchen

  • Pickles and spicy food to cater to the delicacy urges that you might face during pregnancy
  • Women’s proteins and health supplements to maintain health and energy levels all throughout the day

things that you should have in house during pregnancy

Things to Have in Bedroom

  • Massage oil to ensure that you massage your tummy after a certain stage in the pregnancy
  • Pregnancy-related books to keep you engaged and give you essential post-pregnancy tips
  • Lots of pillows to get the necessary backrest during sleeping
  • Baby pictures to enforce positive environment in the bedroom
  • Several pairs of extendable pants and comfortable clothing
  • A book to write in pregnancy related questions and keep track of several important events (Pregnancy Journal)
  • A calendar to always remind you of the due date as well as other important days such as beginning/end of maternity leave
  • Sleeping accessories and aids like eye masks and moderate sleeping pills
  • Comfortable shoes/flip-flops to ease walking around the house
  • Comfortable cotton bra to accommodate the increase in breast size
  • Air-purifier to ensure that they baby and the mother have clean air at their disposal

Things to Have in Bathroom

  • Doctor suggested painkillers to reduce occasional pain
  • Body lotion to keep your skin nourished after a bath
  • Bath salts and bubble liquids to enjoy a long comfortable bath
  • Heartburn medication to ease the pain during gas/indigestion associated with pregnancy
  • Multivitamin pills to ensure that you get all the necessary nutrition

Things to Have On Front Porch/Lawn

  • A small swing set and lot of flowers/green garden to have an oxygen rich environment to relax in
  • Comfortable cushioned chairs to relax in

Miscellaneous Things That You Should Have in House During Pregnancy

  • Baby pictures around the living room and corridors of the house
  • Yoga balls to ensure that you get enough exercise and stretching during pregnancy
  • Yoga mats to lay down and stretch, to maintain a good posture
  • Good music to ensure a calm atmosphere around the house
  • Air-freshener to maintain a sweet smell around the house
  • Tissue boxes to take care of your personal hygiene all throughout the day

You should have most of these things in the house during pregnancy to ensure that you maintain a great environment for the mother and baby to relax in. Having these items will also help you be ready for the wonderful mother you are about to become.

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