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Privacy Policy as Part of Terms and Conditions

Our website’s Privacy Policy is an integral part of its terms and conditions of use. In case of any divergence, the Privacy Policy terms will be given preference.

Video/Audio Content

Videos and audios are an important part of the website to share quality information. In the following sections, we elaborate on our rights and liabilities for using video and audio content.

To Entertain/Inform/Educate Only

Users viewing/listening to the audio-video content should use it only to get informed or entertained. We don’t have any purpose to advise, endorse or recommend anything related to health, law, income or any other aspect. The information shared in audios and videos might not be complete and should not be counted on to take any decision.

Audios and Videos from External Sources

Any audio or video embedded in our website’s content, but originally hosted on the Third Party Social Media Sites like YouTube, is not at all owned by us. We intend to make no claim on this type of content, but use only for better information sharing and that too by following the licenses and norms suggested by the Third Party Social Media Sites. By embedding these contents, we don’t enter into any type of alliance, ventures or partnerships with the hosting sites. Nor are we responsible for the accuracy, relevance or completeness of the information these recordings offer.

Content Possession Rights

We retain full rights on the content available on our website. No infringement upon these rights is allowed and any type of violation may instigate legal procedures against the offender. If you wish to use our content, contact us via email at adnani.seema@gmail.com. You may also mail us, along with details and evidences, in case you find our website infringing your content in any way.


We share information on our website ‘as is’ or ‘as available’. This in no way promises any types of assurances and warranties and the users are themselves responsible for any decision or action they take after viewing our content. There is no guarantee that our website will stay active or will be accessible throughout. We don’t give any assurance to fix errors or defects to meet the expectations of specific or all users.

Users of the website are solely responsible for drawing advices and suggestions from our website and taking any action thereafter. We don’t guarantee relevance, correctness or completeness of information shared and should not be held responsible for any type of loss or damage that may occur. We advise you to stop using the website if your jurisdiction imposes limitations on the type of information we provide.

Obscene Offensive or Any Indecent Content

Our website takes no responsibility and claims no participation in case you come across obscene or offensive content of any type while surfing our website. In case any such thing happens, contact us immediately at adnani.seema@gmail.com. It is not obligatory, but we will surely investigate the matter and take necessary steps.

Policy against Spamming

We don’t believe in sending Unsolicited Commercial Emails to our website users. We send emails only to our subscribers who always have the option to opt-out of the list. For any additional information in this regard, please contact at adnani.seema@gmail.com.

Material/Product/Service Connection

Products/services on this website are recommended to enrich the information provided. Users must, however, use their own discretion to take the decision of buying any of these products or services online.

Material Connection

If not specifically mentioned, it must be understood that the website’s owner and products/services providers have material connections which lead to reference of various products and services in the shared information.

Recommendations Based on Trust and to Help

The sole purpose of recommending products and services on this website is to help buyers choose better. The recommendations come out either from the website owner’s personal experience as user or from research carried out about the providers. It is worth mentioning that the research is based on the website owner’s trust on the integrity of the opinions shared about the providers.

Need of Due Diligence

In some cases, the website owner might recommend products or services from specific providers in return to compensation or business goodwill. The website owner has the tendency to be biased while making these recommendations. Website users are therefore suggested to be careful while taking the decision to buy the recommended products or services.

Disclosure of Compensation

The website owners may receive compensations in the form of products/services/money from the providers solely for recommending. In other cases, the compensation may include commissions based on the action taken by the user (for example, clicks on the outgoing links or purchase from affiliate marketing partners).

Hypertext Links to External Sites

Our website has links to external websites. Our website does not endorse views, products and services offered by any of these websites. Nor are we responsible for the content available on these websites to be accurate, relevant and up-to-date. It is purely for the purpose of extending information for our users. Users are advised to refer to the terms and conditions of use of these websites before using them. Also, we hold the right to update or remove any of the external links while reviewing our website for dated or broken links.

If we indulge in affiliate marketing, affiliates will need to sign written consent before providing links to our website from their respective websites. Any link to our website without agreeing to the affiliate program’s terms and conditions shall be considered as invalid.

Health Disclaimers

The website may refer to health-related products and services and share health-related information. It should be noted that this is done only for the purpose of educating the user. Everything related is presented ‘as is’, without warranting anything.

Our website’s content not at all substitutes professional health and medical facts, data, advices and treatment information. The users must not rely on our website to take any kind of physical or mental health decisions and should do so only after consulting the medical experts.

Don’t use your own judgment to follow any kind of activity/product/methodology mentioned in our website’s content. If you choose to do so, the website should not be held responsible for any type of outcome/loss/damage.

We make all great attempts to offer accurate and updated health information. However, the users must not solely rely on the website’s content, but check the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the same. Our website and its owners, employees and suppliers must not be held accountable for any kind of injuries caused due to actions taken by the users after viewing our content.

Earning/Business/Profits Disclaimers

Unless specified, our website offers no promises, warranties, schemes or projects with any intention to provide you with income or profits. Please read the following disclaimers with regard to this.

Online money-making is not free from risks and losses. If you find any such opportunity on our website, you should choose it only with the understanding that it may lead to losses and you may not earn anything out of it. The website should not be held responsible for any such circumstances.

You must understand the importance of words like ‘estimate’, ‘anticipate’ ‘expect’ and others in the forward-looking statement included in our website’s content related to online earnings. Your earnings would depend on a number of factors and we promise no guarantees or fixed results.

Perform due diligence to evaluate the business opportunities and take professional advice before stepping in. No content on the website should be considered as professional or legal advices. We absolutely deny any responsibility for losses/damage that may occur if you opt for any such opportunity at our website.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonials and case studies available on the website refer to the individual experiences and should not be generalized. You must understand that experiences may differ from person to person and there is no guarantee of particular results.

Specific results from different products/services/activities are provided directly by the concerned manufacturers/providers. The website is not responsible about the accuracy of the information and user’s own due diligence should help him or her take the best decision.

For any kind of earning or business opportunities as well, the results may differ from person to person. Testimonials don’t guarantee similar results for everyone and the website is not responsible for any deviation.

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Website User Agreement

Terms and conditions mentioned above define our website’s agreement with you and govern how you use our website.

Changes and Updates

We have the right to change/add the terms and conditions at any point of time in future. We make it a point to notify our users about any such activity by posting on the website’s home page. In case you don’t agree with the changes, you are advised to discontinue using the website.

Termination of terms and conditions may happen at any point of time without any prior information. You are advised to refer to these terms and conditions every time before using our website. You may contact at adnani.seema@gmail.com for any queries.

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