Summer Travel In An RV With Kids: The Essentials To Pack 

With summer in full swing, many families are planning or kicking off on their long-awaited summer vacation plans. For those looking to head off on a fun-filled family road-trip and enjoy quality time with their family members, opting for an RV is not only a very American choice but helps you bring the comforts of home with you on the road and an incredibly budget-friendly option instead of hotels. It is also incredibly popular with parents, with 90 percent of RVers claiming it is the best way to travel with kids. Even so, traveling with kids still requires planning and a bit of forethought. As a parent, you want to be prepared for any event while ensuring your family gets maximum enjoyment from the trip as possible. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions to consider when packing before you head off on an RV excursion with your kids in tow.

Nail Down The Basics For The Family And Then Each Family Member

RV sales and rentals have truly rebounded in recent years, hitting over $20 billion dollars in sales past 8 years. A lot of the growth in popularity has had to do with the ease and comfort this option provides for individuals and traveling families. They do come with a lot of space but as your family member numbers tick up, that space decreases.  This means you need to be a bit critical when packing for each family member and focus only on the essentials before adding anything else. Start with the basics such as clothing and toiletries (the needed not the luxuries) and then build from there. For those with kids, other elements such as a baby carrier or a few entertainment bits are also necessary. Once you have those packed, only then should you consider add-ons. You should consider these specifications when renting your RV before your trip. Each model will come with its own sizing and comforts installed; some of which may not be suitable for your trip or family members.

Stocking The Pantry And Refrigerator- Be Sure To Build A Basic And Backup Pantry

Depending on your road trip planned, you could be spending weeks in your motorhome and that means a lot of meal times to contend with. While some may be spent eating out at a restaurant or takeout (and let’s face it, kids love takeout), you will want to stock your pantry with tinned and long life staples you can easily prepare for your child when on the road. Some suggestions include pasta, tinned fruit, and cereals. These are always easy to have when hunger strikes and in those days where you are driving for 16 hours straight, can keep you and your kids sustained. You also want to pack basic cookware and dishes and cutlery that are kid-friendly for campfire cookouts or on the road meal prep, along with items such as towels and flip flops for each child.

Build A Bag For Each Child

Kids need constant entertainment and after driving for hours on end, they can begin to climb the walls of your motorhome. This is particularly applicable for those that used to constantly being on the move or active. This is why it pays to be prepared for those times by building a special personalized bag for each child. Keep in mind it does not necessarily have to be a large package or cost a lot; simply adding a few interesting toys or educational materials to a zipper bag is normally enough. Head to your local pound or discount store and pick up some coloring books, small diecast toys such as cars, trains or animals, along with kids activity packs and storybooks. Feel free to completely personalize each bag according to your child as well and their interests as well. Be sure to fill them with small activities that can keep your child entertained for hours.

Above all, don’t forget to focus on the fun! Family vacations and road trips are all about having new experiences and creating new memories together. Take the time to witness the joy and wonder your kids will experience throughout the entire ride, and to savor the feeling of being with your loved ones.


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