Summer Safety Tips for Babies: 0-24 Months

Summer is quite an exhausting season for keeping your baby safe and comfortable. It does not matter that whether you spend the maximum of your time in indoors or the outdoors. Your baby could develop a heat rash due to overdressing or could get a serious sunburn if exposed to hot conditions. Make sure your tiny tot stays cool, comfortable, and protected in the summer heat. Here we are providing you with some of the basic summer safety tips for babies.

Summer Safety Tips for Babies

Choose the Right Clothes

  • Choose clothes made from a natural fiber like cotton that helps in absorbing the sweat as compared to the synthetic fibers.
  • If you are planning to take your baby outside, dress him in s light-colored full-sleeved shirt and long pants. Pair it with a wide-edged hat that will help in shielding his face from the harmful sunrays.
  • For the indoors, dress your baby in lightweight and loose-fitting clothes. The best way to analyze the clothing need is to dress your baby as the way you are dressed.

Keeping your baby Hydrated is a Must

  • Some of the symptoms of dehydration include a flushed face, rapid breathing, warm skin, and restlessness. If you have a baby of less than 6 months, try to nurse him more frequently and you can also give him some extra baby formula (a safe alternative to breast milk). However, babies over 6 months of age can have their water content in modest amounts.
  • During the summer, you have to make your baby drink at least 50% more than the usual.

Sunscreens and Skin Soothers

  • There has been a lot of controversy regarding the safety of sunscreens for infants. The big question is that how to keep the newborn baby safe outdoors. As per the AAP recommendations, it is safe to use a minimal amount of sunscreen on infants less than 6 months on the exposed areas of the body like hands, neck, head etc. however, you can use a liberal amount of sunscreen for babies over 6 months.
  • Your baby could get heat rash or skin burns or tiny red bumps on neck areas, back of his knees or in elbows due to the sweat during summer. Applying skin soothers like cornstarch baby powder in the affected areas will take care of the child burns safety.

Other Summer Safety Tips for Babies

  • Summer is the time when babies more often like to be in the water. As a responsible parent, you should never leave your baby alone in the water. Do not rely on the bathing seats, rings or inflatable toys as they come with their own share of risks. Learn CPR skills so that you can use it in case of any uncalled situation.
  • Always use a summer-friendly baby carrier during summer. It just takes a few minutes to make your infant hot due to the confining space of the carrier. Give preference to a carrier made from lightweight nylon instead of a heavy fabric like denim.
  • According to the experts, the time between 10 AM and 2 PM is the worst time for your baby to be outdoors. It is the time when the sun does the most harm to the skin.
  • Try to seek out shade when you go to a park or beach. Look for shaded areas like an umbrella, under a tree or a canopy. You can also carry a portable tent made of fabric designed to block harmful sunrays. The tent should have mesh sides to ensure proper ventilation. Carrying an UV protected sunglass is also a good option.
  • Buy a safe mosquito repellant or bug spray for your baby. AAP recommends opting for a repellant with 10% or less DEET concentration level for infants less than 2 months. Following these summer outdoor safety tips will certainly make your baby safe in summer.

As a parent, you may feel a bit overload with the summer safety tips for babies. Taking these, precautions not only protect your infant from the summer dangers for babies but also make him feel comfortable during the long days of summer.

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