5 Important Steps to Hiring a Nanny for Your Family

Hiring a nanny could be as easy as you want it to be. Many families result to hiring nannies and further household assistance to ensure daily tasks and care gets done properly. Many parents are unable to care for their children when needed due to busy schedules or frequent travel,  and sometimes just for the extra help around the house.

To find the perfect nanny for your family is important to make sure your children are taken care of when you are away. Childcare is crucial to the working of a family’s daily life and when you aren’t able to be there to personally handle situations or support, it can be difficult to grant someone else the responsibility to. The process of finding a great nanny begins with what exactly you need help with and the length of time you will be away.

1. Decide What Exactly Your Family Needs

The beginning of every hiring process for a nanny is to determine what you need and what your family needs. You must take into account what your children need and use that as criteria for your decision on a nanny. Do you need someone to stay overnight? Or ONe that you only use for a few hours a day? Consider the qualities you want your nanny to have. Whether it be cleaning abilities or tutoring. Do you want your nanny to run the errands for you or stay at home with your children? These are all important things to note to make sure you have the perfect job description for your nanny.

You must be thoughtful about the extent you want your nanny to go because you don’t want to burn your nanny out. They are there to do the things you aren’t able to do or don’t want to do. And if you have them doing more than enough, make sure you compensate them for such.

2. Consider a Budget

The budget you have will help determine what kind of nanny you need. Don’t go over budget and hire someone who must clean, tutor, and care for your children because that will lead to higher pay. You want to leave room for flexibility when it comes to paying. Make sure you stay realistic with rates and benefits. If you want an overnight nanny, remember that you will have to provide room and board for them, so factor things like that into your budget as well.

Whether you want to pay them with paper checks or direct deposit, it’s important to consider what method you want to use for payroll. You must also think ahead about certain taxes and rates you will need to factor into your payroll as well.

3. Interview Your Candidates

Interviewing should take time and you should do it seriously and carefully. You are letting a stranger into your home to be around your children for extended periods of time so you want to do thorough background checks and vetting before giving them the position. Do your interviews face-to-face to ensure authenticity and avoid running them like corporate interviews. You want to have a conversation with your candidates to understand their values, education, and personality type.

Use scenarios to help with understanding what kind of methods they use or how they respond to certain situations. This is most important in the interview process because you want a nanny that will discipline and care for your children the way you’d like.

Find a candidate online at one of these sites:

  • UrbanSitter
  • Babino
  • Sittercity
  • Seeking Sitters
  • SittingAround 

4. Discuss your Choice With Your Family

Bring your family into the mix to have them help you decide. Tell them about your candidates and which ones you like to see if they share the same views. You want your family to be comfortable with the nanny the most. Keep them updated on the process to make things less awkward when it comes to a trial period. You don’t want to surprise them with a stranger to care for them while you’re gone. Work together to weigh the pros and cons to make sure you select the perfect fit.

5. Begin a Trial Period

Once you’ve selected the right nanny that your family agrees on, you can begin the trial period. This period will help you see how the nanny interacts with your children and how well they get along. Observe from afar to make sure there aren’t any biases or unnecessary feedback. Allow your family to get comfortable with them being around often to make sure that they are a great caregiver choice.

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