Spend More Time with Your Kids -Time Management Tips for Working Moms

With rising home expenses and career aspirations, the number of working women and even working mothers is ever-increasing. Work-life balance is not an easy task for any mother. While everyone knows that following an organized approach and using smart time management ideas are a sure-shot solution, we intend to give you some practical ways to help you give more time your child.

If you are struggling for giving time to kids due to a busy office, try the below activities and remain sorted.

Time Management Tips

Avoid Panicky Mornings

You can easily have a relaxed start by cutting your sleep 10 minutes. Pre-plan the breakfast, iron your clothes and pack your bag, a night before.When you get ready for office, why not chit-chat with your kid? 

Follow Smart Timings for Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking helps you smartly save time for your child.

  • Chop the vegetables while the kid practices some drawing and art. Simultaneously you can both watch TV together.
  • While returning from office, take a nap (if you are not driving); get energized and spend time with family.
  • Create a to-do list in your mind for the next few hours, while you’re on a treadmill run or running/jogging.
  • On your way back in a cab, plan out your day and jot down some points as reminders in your mobile.
  • While your child does his homework, arrange for his next day school needs.
  • Ask your child to sit and narrate about school happenings or get engaged in interesting talks while you cook.

Create Priority Lists

Keep some domestic chores like laundry, dusting etc. only for weekends, keeping aside 2-4 hours for it, so that you can give maximum time to the family during the week. 

Write Small Lovable Notes

Who says working moms love their kids less? You can shower all your care and love by making the kid realize that you think of him every time, leave small adorable notes at study tables, lunch boxes, pencil bag, dining table etc.This will also be a great reminder option! 

Training Right is the KEY

Babysitters, nannies or family members are a great option for working moms. Train them intelligently about all the needs of your child. Do not carry the guilt of your unavailability, as your child’s secured future is a primary aim of your earning. However, don’t forget supervising nutrition, medical and educational needs carefully. 

Enter the Home with a Smile

The kid waits for you for the entire day; do not burden the little soul with your office woes.You should give him/her equal importance. After all, one day your office will be over and the attachment you build today will be your treasure then!

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