Smart and Affordable DIY Fun Activities to Capture Childhood Memories of Kids

Being a mother, the beautiful years of your baby’s infancy or toddlerhood invariably remain fresh in your mind, even when you are a grandma. These years are the most difficult, toiling and yet enjoyable ones. You would certainly want to remember and cherish them forever! Capture the childhood days of your kids in ways that money can’t buy. The article gives you some smart and budget-friendly DIY fun activities to capture childhood memories. Before we proceed, let us tell you the role that memories plan in shaping the child’s thought process.

Why Are Childhood Memories So Special?

Memories of the first word uttered, the first step taken, the lullabies, stories, little pranks and giggles – things that had been your daily routine are indeed special. In ancient days, the childhood memories were stored in the ‘database’ of a mom’s memory that went on like a folklore into generations. However, with the passage of time, moms have become busier. They need to keep plenty of things in place. This might unfortunately take over the memory of many small things associated with the child. Thankfully, artistic minds are never at loss!

DIY Fun Activities to Capture Childhood Memories of Kids

Here we give you a snapshot of all the unique and beautiful ways in which you can preserve the smallest of memory that can revive the child’s special years irrespective of time and years.

Retain the Hand and Footprints in Different Ways

Did you ever think beyond just taking the prints on your diary page? This idea can also give your home a special wall art. Take the footprints of the little one, at least three or four and similarly the hand prints of double the number. Make sure you use one single color for footprints like blue, pink, green or brown and candid colors for the hand prints. Yes! We are planning a bouquet canvas! Cut out the prints carefully, make the footprints as vases by sticking them on chart paper, and take some straws to make the flower stalks. Stick the hand prints on the straws to make them look like flowers. You can either paste all on one chart paper and make it a big framed canvas or do it separately and hook it up on the staircase wall. This is a great way to see those little hands and feet that you cuddled day and night!

Scrapbook – LIVE and Happening

This is an old idea, but you can think differently on this too. Take a scrapbook that is totally blank and fill it up as per your desire. You can include all the details of birth like hospital details, names of nurses and how they reacted handling your newborn, what the relatives said and how did the baby look. How you and your spouse felt and how you handled the first year!

All details about gifts, things you had to buy, baby’s routine and her habits, everything can be penned down like a diary. You can even paste the special photos in between the pages and give captions to them. Plan the diary in a way so that you can gift it to the child on her fifteenth birthday – what more can make the birthday girl/boy happier than knowing how and what was her childhood?

Stands with Feeding Bottles

You have often heard of making pen stands with old bottles, but did recycling the feeding bottles occur to you? Take four same sized old feeding bottles and make sure that they are not big enough to cover up the pen lengths.

Join these four bottles with permanent glue and you can wrap it up with satin ribbons of various colors. Alternatively, you can take four photos your child and get them laminated to create a box like covering hiding the bottle walls within. The later idea is better as it serves both as a pen stand and as photo stand. Now put in red pens in one bottle, blue ones in another and so on; keep your table organized and smile remembering those feeding days!

Use Baby Clothes Again Afresh

We usually give away the old clothes to the needy people. That’s surely a good idea. However, if you wish to keep old clothes of kids and their essence forever, you can try out this idea!

Cut the stitches of the baby clothes in a way that they come to geometric shapes. Now wash, dry and iron the pieces properly. Take them to a tailor’s shop or DIY at home, if you know proper stitching. Get all of them stitched into a big blanket shape. Make sure it is rectangular so that your child can use it in long run. Back up this blanket sheet with one of your old straight sheets, just to make it stronger and durable. Your blanket is ready – colorful, unique and full of memories with every piece in there!

Children grow up fast. Their growth years are undoubtedly a struggle for moms. But when they grow up, mothers realize how special those days were when they hardly got a chance to stop and think about preserving them. The ideas mentioned above are easy, economical and do not take much time. Try these DIY fun activities to capture childhood memories with kids and relive every moment of motherhood.