Simple Chores for Kids by Age

To develop a sense of belonging and responsibility in your kids, you can assign simple household chores to them. You can also assign these chores for kids and give them small amounts of money to teach them about the value of ‘earned’ money. Not only will your kid feel good about helping you but will be motivated to help others do similar tasks. Although you cannot assign high profile tasks to your kids, you can assign some simple tasks that they can do without your supervision. Plus, some tasks also need parent’s supervision and meticulous instructions so that the child does not suffer falls/injuries etc.

You can organize tasks according to the age of the child. For example, you cannot ask your five-year-old to operate a vacuum cleaner for the obvious risk associated with it.

chores for kids

Here are few tasks that you can assign your kids, segmented age-wise.

Chores for Kids between Age 2 – 4

  • Help while making bed
  • Organization of toys and putting them in the correct place (toy box) after use
  • Pick up the books and place them in the right place
  • Fill the pet’s dish
  • Help find the TV remote
  • Organize his/her own shoes in the shoe rack
  • Put clothes in the laundry bag
  • Find and wear socks
  • Tie his/her own shoes and try to dress himself/herself
  • Fetch toys to play with

Chores for Kids between Age 5 – 8

All of the above plus

  • Help dust and clean places like couch, center table
  • Pack his/her snack for school
  • Throw out trash into the bin
  • Set the table for lunch and dinner
  • Help get food items from refrigerator during cooking
  • Make their beds
  • Remove bad weeds from garden
  • Sweep the room
  • Feed the pets
  • Water the plants in garden
  • Fetch food for people at dinner table
  • Help serve the guests in the house

Chores for Kids between Age 9 – 12

All of the above plus

  • Clean curtains
  • Pick up bags from the supermarket
  • Sweep and mop the living room
  • Fold clothes
  • Iron clothes
  • Trim the garden grass by a lawn mower
  • Do the dishes
  • Get groceries from a nearby store
  • Take care of the younger sibling
  • Prepare snacks
  • Sewing cloth buttons
  • Take the pet for a walk
  • Help teach the younger sibling words and alphabets
  • Clean the sink and kitchen platform
  • Make the grocery list
  • Help in putting onmakeup and getting ready for an event
  • Braid hair and massage the head
  • Paint walls of the house and garden fences

Chores for Kids between Age 13 – 15

  • Use of vacuum cleaner to clean couch and curtains
  • Do the laundry
  • Baking cakes and cookies
  • Clean the bathrooms and toilets
  • Take the car out in the driveway
  • Help buy new furniture
  • Help operate a new smart device
  • Use the internet to search for an item/article
  • Getting gifts for occasions like birthdays/anniversaries
  • Clean the air conditioners
  • Put unwanted items in overhead storages
  • Clean the roof (Please keep a careful check, as the child may fall off/slide; give adequate instructions)
  • Wash the car
  • Reorganize the bathroom cabinets and cupboards
  • Manage savings money and finances of the house
  • Shop for groceries

These chores for kids are simple, and any kid, belonging to the particular age group can do it. After completion of the chore, it is wise to award them or praise them so that they are motivated to help you more.

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