How to Help Your Child Get Settled in a University in Lisbon?

Seeing your child off to university is always a bittersweet moment for any parent. Obviously, there is a whole lot of pride in seeing your child move on to the next stage in life. However, it can be sad if it also means your child will be moving out of home for the very first time. Lisbon is well known for its study-abroad programs. It is a popular place for university students to put down roots. If your child is moving to Lisbon, we’ve got some tips you can use that will help them get settled in, which will, in turn, put your mind at ease.

Start Looking at Student Accommodation for the University in Lisbon

As soon as your child becomes a part of the university, the very first step is to find the place where he would stay. Choosing accommodations that are close to their school campus, in a safe neighborhood, and within walking distance of things like public transportation, dining, and entertainment are typically high on the list of priorities.

Collegiate is an excellent example of the type of superior student accommodation in Lisbon that you can look into. Its Marquês de Pombal property is a “prestige” option that is just over one year old. It is centrally located and offers fully inclusive rates making pricing simple. It also offers study zones, high-speed broadband Wi-Fi, a fitness studio, on-site cinema, and a swimming pool. Everything your university student needs to be comfortable, productive, and safe.

Encourage them to Learn the Basics of the Language

It’s also wise for your child to start picking up the basics of Portuguese as soon as possible. This will help to make their transition a whole lot smoother. Moreover, they will pick up on more words and phrases once they are there. There are all kinds of language learning and translation apps you can download, books, and even videos online that can prove to be incredibly useful.

Research Lisbon Before they Leave

This is also a great time for them to do a bit of research on Lisbon in general, including things like how to get around, the various dining and entertainment districts, typical climate, attractions and sights, and a bit about the culture.

Accompany them to Lisbon for an Organized Start

This particular tip isn’t just going to benefit your child heading to university for the first time; it will also give you some peace of mind as you will see everything in your own eyes. You won’t have to worry about where they will be living, shopping, exploring, and going to school because you’ll get to experience it all first-hand. By the time you head back home, you’ll feel much less stressed about how their school-year will go.

Heading off to university in Lisbon is bound to be the highlight of your child’s life so far. So getting on board and being part of the experience is a great way to make it a family memory. A good parent would not leave any stone unturned to be a part of the child’s university journey.

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