How to Remove Tough Stains From Your Kids’ Clothes

It’s no secret that kids get stains in places you’d think it’s impossible to. And they do it at the worst possible times, too. You might just have bought your child a super trendy blouse or a sports wear online, and they’ll show up with juice stains on them. Or you might have made them a new scarf only to find that they’ve dunked one end in jam. Being a mom to messy kids is one of the most difficult jobs out there. Luckily, there are ways to deal with your little ones’ stains!


Dye Stains

Okay, so this one might be more your fault than theirs. If you wash clothes together that you’re supposed to wash separately, you can end up with dye trade. White clothes can be ruined instantly if you wash them with another color.

All you have to do is soak the clothes in the washing machine in cold water. Then, add oxygenized non-chlorine bleach and leave this to soak for about 8 hours. Repeat this process until the stains are completely gone. Then wash and hang to dry as usual.


Fluids and Other Organic Stains

This is really gross but essential to know, especially with kids. Fluids like vomit, sweat and even breast milk are liable to get onto kids’ clothing now and then. These kinds of fluids not only stain but also leave behind disgusting odors that you will want to get rid of immediately. You should use enzymatic detergent which is useful in breaking down proteins. You can also use bleach. Wash the stained clothing on the hottest setting you can, according to the type of fabric it is. Sometimes, even if you wash the stains out, you’ll still be able to smell the fluid. In this case, wash the clothes again but use a detergent that’s specifically made to erase human odors. Once you’re done, wash and dry as usual.


Blood Stains

Morbid, but necessary. Blood is also a type of protein but it can be a tougher one to break and therefore, needs its own little space. If you accidentally get blood on any item of clothing, you should rush it to the dry cleaners at once. There aren’t any reliable DIY tricks that will properly and completely remove blood from your clothes. However, you could try soaking the garment in cold water and rub the stain out. The water will turn pink. Replace it when this starts to happen. Rinse the garment thoroughly and apply a stain remover before washing it. If it still doesn’t come out, you’ll need the dry cleaner’s or you can try using some bleach. This might ruin your fabric completely if it is colored though so try to avoid this step.


These are normally the most common kinds of stains you’d expect kids to get on their clothes. Generally, you should always try to dilute stains and soak them for a while in cold water. Some stains are tougher and will require you to dry clean your clothes. Try to keep a bib on your baby at all times so he or she doesn’t leave stains on their beautiful clothes.









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