Rainy Day Activities to Keep Kids from Going Crazy When They’re Stuck Inside

Are your kiddos feeling cooped up? When the rain is pouring or it’s too chilly to send your youngsters out to play, sometimes it’s hard to think of productive ways for them to burn off energy and keep them entertained. Thanks to the Internet, there are fun, educational tools and rainy day activities to keep them from going stir crazy when they’re stuck inside. As parents, you would certainly be looking for ways to having fun with kids during rainy day.

Get Them Moving

Encouraging your kids to move is a great way to help them take the edge off. Provide a positive outlet for all that energy, while also giving your kids a way to work on their physical coordination and ability to follow directions.

There are some great yoga videos available via YouTube, which are oriented toward children. Try the “Cosmic Kids Yoga” channel for selections with fun themes incorporating animals, interesting adventures, and even “Star Wars.”

Another idea is to encourage your children to dance. You can even participate with them, which will bring lots of giggles as you work on your moves! You can try the “London Children Ballet” channel on YouTube, or “HowCast” offers cool hip-hop instruction. For exercise in general, point your kids toward “The Little Gym” channel on YouTube, which provides fun, instructional videos on everything from karate to gymnastics to tap dancing.

Looking for a little healthy competition? Pillow fight games are unique ways for children to be active inside while also learning game strategy and how to follow instructions. It’s a great way to get their juices flowing in a positive direction and can be big fun for you, too!

Time to Focus

Once your youngsters settle down, try some activities that are less physical. For instance, a variety of games and toys can entertain and educate children in unique ways. There are building toys which encourage creativity and resilience, foster understanding of space and depth and help children develop better problem-solving skills. Completing mazes are another fun and focused activity that helps kids understand patterns and dimensions. Magnetic letters are a fun way for small children to learn the alphabet, or for older kids to work on spelling.

Creative Rainy Day Activities

Participating in creative activities benefits children in a number of important ways. According to Extension, through creative activities, kids can develop both large and small muscle groups while advancing their eye-hand coordination. The arts also promote children’s emotional development, encouraging them to explore the thoughts and feelings they can’t express in other ways.

Here are some suggestions from MakeUseOf:

  • “Drawspace” offers drawing and sketching tutorials. Lessons are divided by beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and kids can learn to draw a variety of subjects.
  • “Drawing Now” offers a free membership to users. Budding artists can explore a wide variety of subject matter, from animals to people to manga-style drawing.
  • Does your kid love comics? Delve into “Drawing Coach” for instruction on how to draw caricatures and comic strips.
  • For youngsters who want to go beyond basic drawing, “Artyfactory” offers tutorials on drawing, painting, design, and there are even explorations into making tribal masks and Chuck Close-style artwork.


Music brings in great benefits for kids. If your children more musically inclined, the Music Teachers National Association offers several terrific suggestions:

  • “JazzKids” introduces youngsters to the world of jazz through interactive audio and video selections.
  • For youth who enjoy classical music, “The New York Philharmonic Kidzone” provides a chance to explore instruments and information through games and great graphics.
  • If you have a child who is interested in music but not sure where to begin, “Foriero” is a great place to start. It’s an educational entryway for beginners, teaching how to play music with engaging methods.

When your youngsters are stuck inside, give them positive ways to burn off steam. Delve into rainy day activities that get them moving, focus their attention, and encourage their creativity. Those rainy or chilly days will be so much more fun, thanks to these great ideas!


Image courtesy: Pixabay


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