Guide to Preparing Yourself and Kids for an Ugly Divorce

No one can prepare for a divorce. It is always going to be tough. You and your kids will have to deal with changes in every aspect of your life — legally, financially, and physically. As a parent, your first task is to protect your child and help them deal with the divorce process, especially if the divorce proceedings can be difficult or unpleasant.

In British Columbia, the only way to end your marriage legally is by getting a divorce order from a judge. Petitioners do not have to go to court to file for a divorce. Filing for a divorce can be done at the court registry. The Supreme Court will grant a divorce if:

  • Both you and your spouse lived in British Columbia for at least a year.
  • You can prove that your marriage is broken.
  • The court can prove that you have made acceptable arrangements for your children, including child support.

All these mentioned above typically apply if you and your spouse agree to go through the divorce amicably. What happens if the divorce settlement gets ugly? There would be a need to consult a divorce lawyer to help you get through the process.

If the Supreme Court already has a record of your open case, you can request for a mediator to work with you and your spouse to help you iron out some issues before you both go to trial.

Preparing for an Ugly Divorce

When you have difficulty settling your divorce agreements and settlements, it would be wise to follow these steps to help protect you and your kids:

Stay in your family home

Staying in the house is the best recourse for your kids. If you move out, it may become an issue later on if you apply for child custody.

Never allow your spouse to take your children

Parenting can be hard when you become a single parent, but it should not be enough reason to give your kids to your partner — unless you cannot fulfill the obligation and responsibility of being a parent. Also, it would be best to talk to your kids and ask them who they want to stay with. As a parent, you have to listen to your kids and involve them in the decision-making process.

Keep all personal papers ready

If you know that the divorce proceedings will be an uphill battle, it would be to the best of your interest to keep all important paperwork such as birth certificates, passports, bank statements, and all records of assets.

Hire a dependable divorce lawyer

If you know the process can be ugly, ask help from divorce lawyers Surrey, BC has tons of experienced lawyers that are well-versed about British Columbia family law. These lawyers will help you make the right decisions as you go along the process.

Take an inventory of your property

Starting over after a divorce is difficult, especially in terms of finances. It would be best to have a record of all the properties that you own personally, so you can have an idea of what you will have left for you and your kids. You may want to include all possessions owned as a couple so it would be easier to account for them later on if there is a need to divide assets.

Cancel all joint credit cards

As you are nearing your legal separation, it would be best to separate all expenses as well so you will not be liable for the expenses your spouse might make.

Preparing for a divorce is hard, especially for the kids, even more so if it cannot be done amicably. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Aside from preparing your kids emotionally and physically, you have to become proactive and think about you and your children’s future.

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