How to Make Your Home Ready for a Big Family Gathering?

Summer is the perfect time for a big family party. Moreover, fall is just around the corner which means Thanksgiving is approaching a lot faster than you might think. There are plenty of times in between where you might decide to have a big family gathering. Whether it is for a significant birthday or an anniversary, there are many considerations you should make when planning.

Ways to Prepare the Home for a Big Family Gathering

  • Declutter & Deep Clean: We can expect everyone to clean their homes before they have visitors but you should try to commit to a deep clean as you can never expect what a new pair of eyes might spot. Try to clean everywhere you can, and especially the places where you might not usually clean. For example, under the beds, in coat closets, or the garage. If needed, don’t be afraid to hire a professional company for the day. Many hands make light work after all! With cleaning comes decluttering, especially if guests will be staying for a certain length of time. Nothing makes a person feel more unwelcome than the drawers and cupboards in their rooms being packed with someone else’s stuff. While you are fully entitled to use your own guest bedrooms for storage, you also need to make sure that there is space for your guests. If you find yourself with a lot of clutter to rid yourself of, save some time and energy with a residential junk removal service that will donate, recycle, or reuse anything collected before sending to a landfill.
  • Always Have One Extra Bed: No matter the tally of extra people staying over for the event, always plan to have one extra bed. That way, there is always going to be room for everyone regardless of how plans might change. Try to approach it creatively. Are there a lot of children in your family? They might have a blast in a tent out in the garden (weather permitting, of course) which in turn might also free up some bed space in the house. If you know that you are going to be holding gathering like this maybe once a year or more, you might also want to look into sofa beds for an office or lounge so you know there is always an extra place to sleep waiting to be made up.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Food: You are already opening your home to visitors, even if it is just your family. Due to this, you should not also be expected to foot the bill for feeding many more mouths than your monthly budget allows. Don’t be afraid to turn your gathering into a potluck or devise a menu and assign foods to certain families to bring. Anything which can relieve some of your own financial burden is going to be a great help.

With these tips in mind, you are in a much better place to plan your next big family gathering. Good luck!

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