Plan a Morning Routine for Kids That Actually Works

Mornings can be lazy, fun, energetic and pathetic too. A day well-begun converts into a day well-spent, in most cases. Managing the morning rush and hustle-bustle can be irksome. Don’t worry it’s not only you who strives for less hectic mornings. Several women face this situation every morning. Investing thought and putting efforts of creating right habits can help you create an easily manageable and hassle-free morning routine for kids.

With the beginning of school sessions, every mother needs to pull up the socks and fix a perfect morning routine. A proper morning routine for kids is quite essential; the earlier you plan it, the better it is. Don’t wait for the last day of your child’s vacation to start planning a schedule. Early and timely planning would help you to start off the day smiling.

So, here are some amazingly helpful morning routine ideas that every mother must consider.

Early To Bed – Early To Rise

It is quite difficult for mothers to manage the sleep time of their children. However, the importance of sleep cannot be neglected. A well-rounded sleep routine for kids considering adequate sleeping hours lets you have easy going mornings. With this, kids won’t bother you to wake up.

You need to consider the fact that sleep requirements change with age. You can easily find a printable sleep time chart online that indicates how much sleep a child needs according to his age.

Use this to determine the time at which a child should be in his bed. If your child is stubborn at going to bed, make use of encouraging tactics to get him habitual of sleeping early. Making enough sleep a priority/habit for the family helps. So try to follow this from an early age of children.

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Make a Chart of Morning Routine for Kids

You can construct a morning routine chart that lists all the activities your kids need to carry out each morning. Make sure you stick this planner at an accessible portion of the room so that the child knows what next he has to do without the need of calling you after each activity is done as per the planner.

Here’s an indicative morning routine checklist that you can modify as per your child’s schedule.

  • Head to the bathroom
  • Wash Your Face
  • Brush the Teeth
  • Get Dressed
  • Comb Your Hair
  • Put Shoes On
  • Have Your Breakfast
  • Grab the Backpack/Lunchbox
  • Head Out of the Door
  • Say Bye to Mom ????

Mentally Prepare Yourself and the Kids A Night Before

The only way to minimize the duties next morning is by simplifying the task the night before. Surprisingly, you can organize almost everything a night before to allow your kids reach school on time.

  • Make sure their books are lined up according to the planner. Ask your children to do this soon after they are done with their homework. This would make them responsible too.
  • Cut veggies and other breakfast requirements. Stack them on the top most shelf of the fridge in an air-tight container so that you don’t end up searching things the next morning.
  • Indulge your children in picking clothes for the next day. This is going to save plenty of your time. Make sure the clothes are clean and well-ironed. Hang them at their dressing area for an easy access.

If parents themselves are not organized and on time, the children also won’t be. This is why it is essential that you get up at least half an hour earlier than your children do and get yourself ready for the day. Lastly, get yourself a cup of coffee, a toast, and fruits. This would make you feel energetic too. Find ways to have a morning where your kids and spouse can sit with you and calmly have breakfast together. Cherish the mornings with practical and well planned morning routine for kids.