Places Where Kids Eat Free – Treat Your Kids with Free Delights

Taking your kids out for a dinner or a meal on every other day is something you would always enjoy as a parent. However, a majority of your plans do not materialize when you take a look at their costly online menus. Worried about your wallet that loses its value with every dinner idea that you think of? You shouldn’t! With the below list, get to know some exciting places where kids eat free.

Occasional meals with your little ones are fun. All you have to do is to check out the restaurants that really welcome your kids for a free meal. After all, you also don’t want to break your bank for a dinner. But, note that offers and locations may vary according to your region. So, make sure that you check with your local restaurants for details before heading out with your cute family to avail one.

Enjoy Sumptuous Meals At Places Where Kids Eat Free & Save!

Places Where Kids Eat Free

Marie Callender’s 

Have you got demanding kids who do not get pleased with the food so easily? It’s time to tempt their little but demanding tummies that always ask for more. Take them out to another famous name offering American Cuisine in the most traditional way. Here, you will find lots of pies that will delight your kids’ taste buds.

With a cozy seating arrangement, your cute masters can eat for free with every adult meal that you order in Marie Callender’s. Usually, this freebie offer can be availed on Saturday and Tuesday, however, you need to confirm it with the Marie Callender’s. The days may also vary according to the region, so check with them before you leave for the place.

Kids eat free on Tuesday & Saturday. Check out their locations at CA, ID, NV, UT.

Chevys Fresh Mex

You might be familiar with the name ‘Chevys’ but do you actually know that they offer a free fiesta to little kids? Who would stay behind, if there are Mexican classics free for kids? At least, you shouldn’t, after all, they have got yummy cheeseburgers your kids might be asking you for, all the time. It’s time to give them a surprise by riding down to Chevys to enjoy Mexican food at its best. What’s more? They have got a plenty of desserts, beverages, and appetizers to meet the demands of their little guests. Plus, they allow kids to eat free with every adult meal that you purchase, usually once in a week. Just check with them out as offers may vary according to your location.

2 kids meals are free per adult entree bought every Tuesday. Check out their locations at Sanjose|Burbank|Ontario.


Looking for something inexpensive with freebies for kids? Check out Shari’s, another American style restaurant offering traditional delights. They can accommodate any big family as they have a plenty of seating options available, including booster seats for your little ones. They have a gamut of delicacies for your kids, no matter if you go out to this heavenly place for dinner, breakfast or lunch. Your kids can enjoy smiley face pancakes and more. Usually, the kids can eat free over weekends with every adult meal that you ask for. But, make sure that you communicate with them for the exact day of the kid’s freebie offer because they keep on rotating the offers.

Offer is available from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. kids eat free on Sat-Sun. Check the locations here.


Why spend Tuesday night at home cooking for your little kids? It’s time to grab your car keys and ride with your little family members to Fazoli’s. This Italian restaurant has got great meals with great deals on every Tuesday night for your little masters. You can buy kids meal for just 99 cents each.

Check out their location here.

Firehouse Subs

Are your kids fascinated with hot and cold subs? Please them with kids eat free night that Firehouse offers. With a wide choice of salads for calorie conscious people, they have a lot of delicious stuff for your kids that come free or at just $0.99/-. Here, kids equal to or below the age of 12 eat free on Wednesday, Sundays from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m, if you buy an adult meal. The icing on the cake is their free birthday sub.

Find their location here.


Do you know Applebee’s offers free or almost free meals to kids? Yes, they do and offers may vary according to your location. Some of them offer free kids meals after 5 p.m. while others just for $1/- at a different time of the day on a selected day of the week. Just have a word with your local branch to check the offer details or click here for their FB updates on ‘kids eat free offers

Here is their location.


Denny’s is another charming place where your kids can eat sumptuous breakfast or dinner for almost free – giving you a tempting reason to visit them. Take your kids there on Tuesday anytime between 4 PM to 10 PM and give them the feast of their life that’s totally free.

Check with your local Denny’s branch here!

Pizza Hut

Can’t see your kids’ taste buds craving for pizza all the time because you know that they would burn a hole in your wallet? There’s a way out! Just take them to Pizza Hut on Tuesday to avail 2 pan pizzas for free for your kids under 10.

Check out Pizza Hut location here!

Ruby Tuesday

Go grab some mini burgers with cheese, grilled chicken, crispy popcorn shrimp or whatever your kid loves. Ruby Tuesday has a wide assortment of delicacies on their menu. They love to offer free meals, after 5 PM till closing, to a kid with every adult meal purchased.

Check their location here.


Moe’s is another charming restaurant that welcomes kids for free meals. However, some of the branches offer free kids meals on Tuesdays while others offer on a day of their preference. Typically, they allow one kid per paying adult.

Here is their location.


Now, Tuesdays come with a surprise at Bennigan’s. Enjoy saving money while party harder with your kids on every Tuesday after 4 p.m. You can bring your kids under 12 years of age to avail free delights for them at Bennigan’s.

Locate their store here.

With your kids along, every meal tastes good. It’s a great thing to enjoy sumptuous meals with your little ones after a hectic day at work. Now, you have already got the places where kids eat free. So, when are you planning to take them out on a meal that will be easy on your pocket and fancy in their dreams? When the list is in your hands, what are you waiting for? Give your little masters a surprise by taking them to the places where kids eat free and let their tummy and tongue enjoy.

Stay tuned! We’ll keep bringing more ideas for you to save on kid’s expenses. You can share more free restaurants and places to eat for kids in the comments below.

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