Pros and Cons of Parental Control Apps

Parental control apps have become a necessity these days for the parents. Using them seems to be the best way for them to keep their little ones safe on the internet. To be honest, the internet is no place for a kid who doesn’t understand the basic difference between right and wrong. It is extremely harmful to kids who aren’t aware of all the things that can go wrong on the internet.  Moreover,  the services that the internet offers are quite vast. It is impossible for the parents to keep track of all the digital activities of their kids which is where the parental controls come in. They are instrumental in ensuring internet safety for kids. They have helped parents track every move of their child but they do come with some pros and cons as well. So let us look at some of the major ones.

Pros of Parental Control Apps

Block inappropriate content

One of the best things about parental control apps is that it allows you to block inappropriate content on your kid’s device. This means that you can block popup or ads with porn, sexting sites, gambling, drugs and etc.

You can set up certain keywords or phrases as well that can’t be searched by the kid. And if those phrases are used on the device, you will be alerted at once so that you can stop it right there and then and not let it progress.

Track every activity

There are a number of great parental control apps about there and each of them offers different features. You can easily monitor your child’s digital activities from your own PC whenever you like to make sure that he or she isn’t getting involved in something dangerous.

Track location

These parental control applications also allow you to track the live location of your kids. They use technology like GPS to provide you the exact location for your kid. Advanced parental control applications allow you to use the microphone and the camera of the device as well to monitor the surrounding on your own. The best ones like ikeymonitor allow you to monitor every activity from web browser history to call log history to access to the social media apps.

Cons of Using Parental Control Apps

Can Impact Parent-Child Relation

Keeping tabs of your kid’s activities can protect them and can help you keep them safe but if they find out about it then they might not be too supportive of the idea. It is best to tell your kids about it because it can destroy the relation that you have with your child.

High Cost

Parental control apps don’t come cheap. They are easy to get but they are hard to pay for every month. They come with monthly subscription plans that you have to pay for if you want to enjoy the features of the application and the price is quite high.

Can be Fake

One of the major drawbacks of parental control apps is that they can fake as well. They could be just any software used to track your child and get personal information. In such a case, they do more harm than good so always try a trusted app.



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