10 Tips for a Healthy Parent-Child Relationship

The relationship of a mother and child is one of the unique bonds. The parent-child relationship is undeniably different from all other relationship. Sometimes, an association between parenting styles and children’s emotions and behaviors, all leadingly contribute to early mental health issues. Some studies are of the view that parent-child relationships develop over time in unique ways.

Parent-child relationship and bonding time

For a healthy parent-child relationship, a positive bonding between them is mandatory. All areas of children’s development significantly depend on positive parent-child relationships.

The strong and powerful bonding comes out by being in the moment, spending quality time and showing warmth, care and respect.

The must-have characteristics for strong and healthy parent-child relationships help improve communication, consideration, and assuage stress and conflict as well. You must be aware of the Do’s and Don’ts of parenting too.

Here are inevitable 10 tips that can claim to deepen the bond between parents and children.

1. Just Say Them “I Love You” More Often

Love is the chain that binds a child to its parents. There is no love, no friendship like that of the parents for the child. Especially at the time of disagreements and conflict, parents should patiently communicate their love to their children. A simple statement, “I love you” can work miraculously.

2. Spend Time Playing With Them

Getting down on the floor and playing with them is the key factor leading to a strong bond of parent-child relationship. Play with dolls, balls, board games, and listening to music, and make them feel free with you. Better let them see your silly side while playing with you. Hence, this strategy will help them build confidence in them.

3. Teach Your Children Morality And Faith

Teach them morality and faith because these things help them learn what is right and what is wrong. Also, tell them what you believe and why. Last but not least, appreciate and encourage them to ask questions freely as to get confidence. This tip really works well for a strong parent-child relationship.

4. Spend Bedtime with Books to Establish A Smooth Parent-Child Relationship

Bedtime stories are unknowingly indispensable for children development.

Telling them stories at bedtime help parents not only develop a strong bond with them but also establish a healthy sleep routine. The best advantage of bedtime is the smooth relationship between parents and kids.

5. Avoid Technology When Interacting

Kindly stay away from distractions, especially when teaching and interacting with your kids. Using cutting-edge technology causes a disruption in your relationship with children. Children feel loved and secured when there are great family dynamics.

6. Make time for Yourself

The mommy makeover is a term coined for a combination of procedures designed to help a woman restore her pre-pregnancy body and appearance. The purpose of a mommy makeover is to help mothers feel good about the appearance of their body after they’ve had children. Once women recover through this process, they tend to feel more confident about the way they look and in turn feel better.

7. Embrace Emotions with Open Arms

Children need to vent their emotions indispensably. Bottling up emotions will invoke a negative toll on your children’s psyche. The parents are highly advised to treat them compassionately when they are exposed to vulnerability.

8.  Nurture Trust and Respect In Your Relationship

Developing trust and respect with your children even in the early years is extremely important and high-priority. Trust and respect in later years become two-way communication as your child gets older. Try to know your child and value his emotions and feelings. Adopt a positive parenting behavior.  

When your child wants to go to the cinema or park etc. with his friends alone, you should let him go confidently and freely. If you fully involve yourself in his problems empathically, he will feel secured in sharing with you all his secrets without any hesitation. These things show your care and respect for his feelings and emotions.

9.  Have a Meal Together To Strengthen the Parent-Child Relation

Preferably having meals together and while eating, talking to them about their studies will certainly help them make a friendly relationship with you. Just keep in mind, the better the relationship, the better the upbringing.

10.  Hug Your Children and Be Polite

Some parents, being alcoholics and addicts, are used to abusing their children physically. If you behave them politely and leniently, ultimately they will be responsive and communicative.

The parents’ comforting physical touch makes them feel secure and safe. The result of hugging your children, especially when they face failures, is incredible.

A healthy parents-child relationship always proves constructive not only for the family but also for the society.

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