Throwing Tradition Out the Window: Should You Throw Your Own Baby Shower?

Tradition says that someone else is supposed to throw your baby shower, right? Yes! But what if you don’t have anybody to throw you a baby shower? What’s a mother-to-be to do? Well, if you really want one, throw one for yourself!

Why do we have baby showers in the first place? It’s like we do the adorable pregnancy announcements, and then feel like we have to top that with an all-out baby shower. According to, baby showers and the activities associated with them, date as far back as ancient Egyptian times. There was no showering a mother with gifts back then… mothers-to-be were more so celebrated with festivals.

 As far as why we have baby showers, it’s no secret that having a baby and the supplies needed to care for a baby are quite expensive. From the diapers to the car seats and strollers… all of those things can put a dent in any family’s wallet, so baby showers definitely take a bit of a financial load off of the expecting mother and family… but what if…

What If There’s No One to Host Your Baby Shower?

If there’s no one around to host your baby shower for you, you can always throw one for yourself; it goes against the grain of tradition but hey, why not? Now there are certain circumstances as to why people aren’t able to host baby showers for their close mothers-to-be. Some of these circumstances include:

  • Your close family and friends live too far to host one
  • No one has offered to throw you one thinking someone else is doing it
  • No one can do it because of limited time and money

Those are the most common reasons as to why no one would host a baby shower for you but there are ways around that. Just because no one is able to physically host a baby shower for you doesn’t mean that you can’t still have one among your close family and friends regardless of where they are. This would be called an alternative baby shower. All you need are the baby shower essentials and a social media account like Facebook or Instagram.

Baby Shower Essentials include:

Alternative Baby Shower

Alternative baby showers show and prove that you don’t necessarily need 30-50 people in attendance at your home or an event center to have a baby shower. Your alternative baby shower will essentially be a virtual baby shower. Here’s how this works:

Send Out Invitations

This is still a baby shower, even though it’s virtual, so you still need to send out invitations so people will know what day, date, and time you’ll be going live for the actual shower so they can tune in. These invitations can be sent out by mail or evite.

Register Online for the Gifts You Want

Whether it’s Amazon, Walmart, or Target, make sure you get registered and pick out the gifts you want and need that way people can send you the right gifts and not overlap on things. Where you’re going to be registered is also something you’ll want to include on your invitations as well.

Once your friends and family buy the gifts you want, they can then have it shipped directly to your house. It’ll be up to you to not touch those boxes until it’s time for the gifts to actually be open.

Go Live!

Now, before you actually go live, you’ll want to make sure you have a designated area to open up your gifts. This is when you’ll want to have this area decorated with the baby shower essentials (diaper cake, balloons, etc.) Once you tap the start button you’ll be live for all your friends and family to watch you open up your gifts. It’ll be as if they’re physically there, plus, while you’re opening your gifts, you’ll be able to talk and thank them for the gifts… they’ll be able to talk to each other too!

To Shower or Not to Shower?

So, should you host your own baby shower if no one else is available? Well, the answer to that question is completely in your hands. If you have the time and energy to do it, then go for it! Don’t worry about what others may say or think! But if the hassle of a shower is not a big deal to you, that’s perfectly fine too. You just have to do what feels best to you, but just know that there are options for you.


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