Tips for Newborn Baby Visa in Singapore

If you are pregnant or have a newborn baby, here is what you should know about obtaining a visa for a newborn baby in Singapore. It is important to know that you are only eligible for the visa if you either have an employment pass or an S pass. The company you are working with can help you apply for the visa, but first you have to get a passport for the newborn baby and then apply for the visa within six weeks after their birth.

Obtaining a Passport for a Newborn Baby

The passport should be ready within six weeks of the baby’s birth. After the child is born, you will be given a live birth notification and also an advisory note from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). These are the two documents that you will use to process the birth certificate of your child within two weeks of birth. The advisory note from the ICA is a special newborn pass that will allow your newborn to stay in Singapore for up to six weeks of birth, within which time you are required to obtain a passport for the child, either from your embassy or the high commission.

How to Apply For the Newborn Visa

The moment you have your newborn’s passport ready, you can ask your employer to help you with applying for a dependent pass. The application can be done online through EP online. If you are having issues with the application, you can get in touch with One Visa Immigration to assist you in not just obtaining the visa, but also in doing so more quickly.

If the passport of the child has not yet been processed, you should have a copy of the birth certificate and also a letter from your embassy indicating that you have indeed applied for the child’s passport. You are also required to provide the contact details of your employer so that they can be accordingly advised on how they should go about the dependent visa application. You might also want to extend the period for your baby’s special pass.

How to Extend a Special Pass In Case You Need More Time

Remember, the special pass only allows your baby to stay in Singapore for six weeks, within which time a passport will be ready. If the six weeks have elapsed and by any chance the passport is not ready, then you will have to apply for an extension of the special pass. If you have already applied for the baby’s visa, then you can book an appointment with the employment pass services center to get a new special pass for your baby.

On the day of the appointment, you should have these documents with you: the appointment letter; the original employment pass, S pass, or the DP cards of both parents; a copy of the child’s birth certificate; a copy of the advisory note from the ICA; a letter from the embassy or the high commission indicating that you have indeed applied for the child’s passport; and a copy of the fully completed dependent pass application.

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