Indulgent Mother’s Day Spa Ideas to Pamper Your Mom

Mothers are perhaps some of the hardest working people. They deserve a day all to themselves where they can indulge in fun activities that are relaxing and memorable at the same time. You should go out of your way to give your mom what she wants on Mother’s Day, provided you can afford it. Whether she wants a boat ride, a stuffed animal or vouchers for a nail fungus laser treatment, you should try to make it happen. No request is silly when moms are concerned. You can even do it all at home. No need to take mom out when you can prepare the best at-home spa experience of her life right there! We’ll tell you how.


The Spa Breakfast Experience

Make mom feel like she’s truly on vacay. Prepare a tropical-themed breakfast like a smoothie bowl or yogurt parfait with lots of fresh fruit. Fruits are key here since upscale spas always offer fresh fruits and vegetables to their clientele. Make your mom a bowl out of half a coconut, fill this with yogurt, granola, and chunks of tropical fruits like mango, papaya, kiwi and more! Your mom will love the finishing touches.

The Spa Gift Basket

Your mom should truly feel like she’s away for the weekend. Go out and make her a gift basket that has products she would find at the spa. Grab tropical-themed shampoo and conditioner, scented body wash and a nice loofah. What’s more, you could get the basket decked out in hues of blue and green, just to add a calming effect and make the whole thing look more tropical. Your mom should feel like she’s relaxing in Honolulu when she opens the basket.


The Zen House

One of the best things about going to the spa is feeling like you can get away from everything. Your mom most likely wants to leave all her worries behind. Therefore, you should help her by cleaning the house from top to bottom. When she comes home, she’ll instantly feel more relaxed since clean spaces tend to make the mind feel more organized and productive. You should try to let the max amount of light during the day, so she can feel light and airy. At night, you should dim the lights and make her feel like she’s under the stars. She’ll love that the house is peaceful, calm and clean!

The ‘No Work’ Policy

If you’ve cleaned the house, your mom shouldn’t have a reason to get up and do housework. That’s how it should be. You should offer up your services if your mom needs anything done around the house and make sure she doesn’t have to lift a finger. In order for her to truly feel like she’s on a spa day, she should be able to sit down and not do anything at all.


The Masseuse

Lastly, finish off the spa and relaxation experience with a professional massage. There are plenty of reliable and skilled masseuses who can come to your house for a fee. Arrange a massage for your mom with a good company. Your mom will be able to truly relax and enjoy her day to the fullest!

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