Minecraft Classic Review – Honing Your Craft

Some things only get better with age. From food to materials, there are plenty of things we use in our everyday lives that are just better when they’ve been left to sit for a while. In many ways, we could apply the same logic to everything. Only when we’ve think deep and gain new perspectives we can truly appreciate it for what it is. It’s worth bearing this attitude in mind as we take a look at Minecraft Classic Review.

Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic Review

This browser-based version of the game has been released to commemorate the blocky build-’em-up’s tenth anniversary. Unlike the standard edition, though, you can play Minecraft Classic online completely for free in your browser. You might be familiar with Minecraft, but it’s likely you’re not familiar with this version.

Minecraft Classic 2

What Minecraft Classic Brings for You

Minecraft Classic replicates exactly how Minecraft originally existed back in 2009, complete with everything it brought with it. That means a bit of a rubbish user interface. You get 32 blocks to play with and a single type of environment in which to wander and build. You won’t find village ecosystems or wildlife here. Moreover, you won’t find many dynamic blocks – water is the only thing that moves in Minecraft Classic.

What you will find is a surprisingly robust and fully-featured version of Minecraft that still holds up to modern scrutiny. Obviously, Minecraft Classic isn’t going to trouble good old Minecraft regular. Microsoft and Mojang have said publicly that this version of Minecraft is being presented to commemorate how far the game has come and celebrate what it once was.

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What Makes Minecraft Classic So Popular?

Minecraft Classic carries the same beautiful blocky art style that’s proven as divisive among gamers as it has proven popular among the game’s fans. Everything in Minecraft is constructed from big, colorful and vibrant blocks, lending a toybox quality to the game. The calming, chilled-out synth soundtrack by C418 is also present. That way you can relax with Minecraft Classic just as easily as you could with the standard game.

There are plenty of pleasures to be had in this browser-based version of Minecraft. Even though you’ve only got one biome to explore, the terrain generation is rich and detailed, birthing vast caverns beneath still oceans and swaying trees (they don’t actually sway) over cave complexes. There’s lots to explore and have fun within Minecraft Classic, but you’re going to need an active imagination to realize it.

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In this early pre-alpha stage of the game, building is the basic idea, and it’s the only gameplay system that is fully implemented. You won’t be able to access survival mode or sandbox mode in the same way you would in modern Minecraft. If you’re the kind of person who wants goals and aims in their game, then Minecraft Classic probably isn’t the way you want to go.

Those who like to kick back with a video game and explore its possibilities organically will find lots to love here. The key word in Minecraft Classic is “emergence”. If you’re unfamiliar with emergent gameplay, it’s basically a phrase that refers to things that happen within a game outside the AI’s direct control. For example, if two enemies organically begin to fight one another despite not being explicitly programmed to do so, that would be emergent gameplay.

Minecraft Classic, despite being a fairly primitive version of everyone’s favorite game, has emergent gameplay and storytelling in spades. Will you find a gold deposit deep in the bowels of the earth? Will you manage to exploit one of the many intentionally-left-in glitches in order to shape the world in a way others won’t recognize? Can you create something truly impressive using only the 32-block array the game provides?

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What You Would Enjoy the Most?

These joys are fully intact in Minecraft Classic. And they’re essentially the cornerstone of the game even in the modern edition. There’s nothing quite like constructing a quaint little house overlooking the mine you’ve just dug and watching as your friends painstakingly dig, searching for metals and materials you just know aren’t there but have convinced them they should look for.

That’s the other thing – Minecraft Classic is multiplayer. All you need to do in order to get some friends involved is to send them a link and they can join your game. Doing so put us in mind of the old-school ways we used to make our own fun in PS1 and SNES games; we’d make up mini-games in titles like Rollcage or WipeOut, challenging each other in ways the game hadn’t provided but which we found enjoyable.

Minecraft Classic is not the definitive version of Minecraft, but it isn’t pretending to be. This early version of the game is still well worth your time and lack of money. Building things in Minecraft Classic is intuitive and effortless, and the visual sensibilities of the 2009 version of the game hold up just as well as their modern equivalents. Go check out Minecraft Classic in your browser now – you won’t regret it.

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