Martial Arts for Kids – A Sport that Adds Self-control, Fighting-spirit and Discipline

We are all aware of the environment in school. There will almost always be a bully. While schools try to do their best to rectify this prolific problem, the truth is that the system can only do a little. It’s the same way in the real world where the government can only maintain peace and order to a certain extent. More often than not, it’s best to stand up for yourself. As parents, teaching kids Martial Arts is an amazing choice to help them learn standing up for themselves and to give a tough fight.

How Does Martial Arts Relate To This?

The most common type of bullying is the one that leverages superior physical strength. When you’re unable to compete with superior strength, it’s time to rely on technique rather than brute force. It’s important to give your child the ability to stand up to bullies because oppression from a bully doesn’t end on the playground. It will affect how your child grows up.

Losing the ability to fight is a dangerous thing for children because it makes them think that it’s okay to be oppressed. Our children need to be strong-willed because a lot of life’s challenges test our will and discipline.

Teaching children to stand up for themselves doesn’t just apply to bullies. It also carries on in later life where the perceived imbalance of power does not simply lie in physical strength, but in position as well. 

Tolerating Bullies Destroys Fighting Spirit

Fear is a normal emotion. We all feel it. It is a natural defense mechanism that alerts us to something that requires our immediate attention. What isn’t normal, however, is the feeling of helplessness and the perceived lack of control of a situation.

Martial Arts is all about control. This includes controlling your opponent, a situation, or your own fear. It allows children to be able to protect themselves and others as well. This fighting spirit extends to different life situations when things become more challenging and the demands on an individual are intense. The fighting spirit kids get through Martial Arts is crucial and might at times work as a foundation of success. It allows power through the rigors of life and helps one challenge the limitations and find solutions for the same.

For example, in the case of a work accident, many workers opt against seeking a workers’ compensation claim. They fear retaliation from their employers, according to reputed lawyers from Brooks Law. We all have rights but in order to stand up for those rights, a bit of courage is necessary.

There Needs To Be a Balance

In the attempt to strengthen children so that they are able to resist bullies, there needs to be a balance. Ensure that they do not become bullies themselves. What separates brawlers from martial artists is the practice of discipline and self-control. This teaches children how to use power responsibly, whether that’s martial prowess or other forms of power that adults have access to later on in life.

The beauty with learning to use power in the right way doesn’t just allow us to take care of ourselves, but others as well. And this basic principle is the foundation for all good leaders. It’s easy to become power-hungry and it’s even easier to abuse power. Strength when left unchecked and uncontrolled can cause a lot of problems later on in life.

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