5 Easy Ways to Make Your House More Appealing to Buyers

If you’re planning on selling your house, you’ll need to do a lot more than just clean it. You should have a checklist ready which you can consult at all times. The first thing to do is to figure out who you will sell it through. A lot of realtors offer fixed price conveyancing, which means you won’t have to keep re-evaluating your budget. You can sketch out the amount of money you’ll need to put your house on the market way in advance.

These are additional steps you can take to make sure your house is up to buyers’ standards and that it’ll be attractive to them. Potential buyers can be quite picky, especially if you’ve set a high price. Here’s what you can do to ensure your house looks much more appealing to potential customers.


Keep it Low Maintenance

If you’re going to make some additions to your home, make sure you do these with low maintenance materials that don’t require a lot of attention. Potential buyers might get turned off if they see a house they have to maintain heavily. Places like yards and kitchens should be low maintenance so buyers don’t envision themselves having to endlessly clean or repair things. Rather, they should dream about how easy their lives would be if they moved in immediately.


Store the Keepsakes

If you have a lot of personal items lying around the house, remove them before buyers come to see the place. You can send some of them away in storage. The reason is that if buyers see your belongings scattered about, they’ll think of it as your home. You need to make buyers envision their future in the house, which means you should keep the space as clean and minimalistic as possible. Keep the furnishings as they are but remove all super personal objects so buyers have an easier time imagining their own life there.


Fix Your Pets’ Mess

Nothing turns off potential buyers more than seeing questionable stains on the rugs. Or, if you have cats, smelling bad odors through the house. Pets are great but if they’ve left some not-so-delightful gifts behind, clean these up. Make sure to check for older stains and marks as well. Scrub the house clean and spray good smelling air freshener to make sure the first thing buyers smell is lilies and not excrement.


Upgrade the Paint Job

Make sure you fix or upgrade any area which has cracked or peeling paint. Think of the garage door and backyard. You don’t need to spend a ton of cash on this, either. Just take a day off, grab a paint roller and get to work!


Wash Up Outside

Give your house a bath! Clean up and wash the outside area so your house looks spotless and shiny. This way, buyers will be interested as soon as they pull up to the curb. It’s nice to make a great first impression. You could also prune your bushes if you have any, and fix up any issues with the front yard.

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