Considering Lasik Surgery For Kids or Yourself? – All You Need To Know

Lasik eye surgery is among the most effective eye correction techniques. It involves no sharp blades; however, it is conducted using laser beams. The beams usually focus on the cornea, repairing it so that light can travel accurately into the eyes. The procedure has been used to correct eye problems such as short-sightedness, longs sightedness, and astigmatism. It is, although, good to know that as Lasik eye surgery is not recommended for children according to FDA because of the following reasons;


Reduces cell count

Because this procedure uses laser beams, it is quite lethal to the body cells. According to experts, several cells are lost around the eye area during the surgery, and this can be risky for a child. That is because children are still growing, and they need all the cells they need for fast development of the eyes. Although some experts say that children can also benefit from this surgery, there is still no assurance that it is entirely safe for the minors.


Fear of worse complexation

Although it is considered to be a safe process, the truth is some people have developed complications after the surgery. The chances of this happening in a child are high because their eyes are still rapidly growing. That means, even after Lasik, your child’s eye will always keep developing, and the surgery can be the cause of the eyes fail to produce as expected.

There are some children, however who have benefited from Lasik. Most of these patients suffer from rare eye conditions and are desperate for any help. This, however, does not approve all children are viable for the procedure until they are 18 or 21 years old and their eye development is more stable. Additionally, the surgery has general advantages and disadvantages;


Advantages of Lasik Surgery 

One of the main advantages of Lasik eye surgery is that it’s less complicated hence the perfect kind of procedure suitable for a young one. In the past, correcting the cornea could mean replacing it with an artificial cornea, which was quite a complicated procedure. Lasik eye surgery, however, requires the child to look into the machine and let the laser beams do the rest.

Recovering from this surgery also takes a shorter time compared to open surgery. Also, the patient does not have to be blindfolded during recovery.

Don’t forget that Lasik eye surgery cost is relatively low. The procedure has been in practice for over 25 years. That means it has been tested and approved. According to statistics, approximately 96% of Lasik surgery patients attained their desired eyesight after the surgery. Experts are however working on clicking 100% on these results.

Disadvantages of Lasik Eye Surgery

Although Lasik eye surgery seems to have all the good sides, the bad sides also exist. One of the common problem that many Lasik eye surgery patients experience is dry eyes. After undergoing surgery, most patients rely on eye drops to keep the eyes moist. Experts have it that during the operation, the laser beams might affect the tear glands.

This can, however, go away with time. As mentioned, eyes are sensitive, and any slight, mistake during Lasik surgery can mean a total loss of eyesight. It is therefore vital that you find an experienced surgeon who is sure about what they are doing. During the surgery, rare complications can occur when the surgeon creates a flap on the eyes.

It cannot be assumed that age does not affect eyesight. That is why many seniors rely on reading glasses or contacts to enhance their vision. The good thing with Lasik surgery is that it can be done more than once in a lifetime, depending on the eye problem. If you had Lasik surgery when you were a youth, you could go for another eye correction surgery in your elderly years.

Songs of success from Lasik surgeries have made everyone believe that it is the solution to all eye problems. The truth is, this surgery is only useful if the problem lies within the cornea. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that before going for the operation, get professional advice. If you are considering to take your child through this procedure, you need first to consult a professional doctor. But chances are your loved one will be advised to put on contacts or specs.


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