Wetpour Playgrounds – The Best Way to Ensure Kids Playground Safety

You can’t put a price on your safety. And as a parent, this doubles as you have to take care of your children as well. While you can’t lock your kids to prevent them from suffering from injuries, you can create a safe playing environment. Such an environment, however, doesn’t always come easy. The good news is, with wetpour playground surfacing solution, you can rest easy while your children get the most out f their playtime.

Wetpour is rubber granules that are bound together by polyurethane resin to create a continuous, seamless surface. If you haven’t installed it yet, here is why kids are safest on wetpour surfaced playgrounds.


Falling in the playground is to be expected, and while you can’t avoid it, you can minimize its impact. Reduced impact from falls translates to lesser injuries. With professional installers, you get a chance to choose a thickness that best suits your play area for maximum impact absorption. Wetpour’s impact-absorbing features enhance your kids’ safety, making it an ideal safety surfacing solution for playgrounds.

Seamless surface

Uneven grounds, cracks, splinters, among other factors that increase trip risks make a playground unsafe for kids. With wetpour, such concerns are eliminated as it is seamlessly designed to provide a smooth surface. With no trip hazards, your kids, regardless of their age, can comfortably play and run around with minimal falls.


Irregular-shaped grounds with tight corners and shapes can be quite challenging. With wetpour, you don’t have to give in and live with the fear of exposing your kids to multiple injuries as they play. Wetpour can be installed even on the most challenging shapes as it is compatible with different materials and can bend in different angles following the playground’s shape.

Weather resistance

With wetpour, you won’t be stressed by the need to pull it out when it rains as it is weather resistant. This also makes it durable, meaning that you get to save your money while observing excellent safety measures to keep your kids actively playing. Your kids can play all year-round regardless of the weather as it drains fast meaning no flooding threat, is sturdy enough to withstand demanding traffic and exposure to environmental hazards among other playground concerns.

Highly customizable

Kids get bored quickly, and as you strive to keep them actively involved, you need a flexible playground with exciting features. This, however, is not easily achieved mainly when safety concerns come to mind. With wetpour, however, you can easily get customized playground surfaces. With a range of colors and designs to choose from, your imagination is the only limit as you strive to create a fun and safe playground for the kids.

As you strive to keep your kids active, there is no denying the value of a safe playing environment. While keeping up with your kids’ playtime pace might feel like an impossible task, wetpour makes it easy to keep them safe and encourage them to try new games as they grow.

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