Kid-Friendly Catering: 5 Foods Your Kids Will Love at Their Next Party

Kids’ parties can put you in a hit or miss situation. Some children can be incredibly easy to please, while others can kick up a fuss over almost nothing. If you’re planning a summer party for your kids, you’ll know what it’s like. Chances are, you’ve crossed the aesthetics and activities planning portion and have now landed squarely into catering. Here’s where stuff starts to get tricky.

You’ll have to go through a number of different possibilities before you choose a caterer. There will likely be numerous local caterers who will be close by and willing to cater to your party. Reputed companies offering reliable catering services also offer custom packages and cute themed platters as well. If you are planning a party during Halloween, you can choose from exclusive Halloween platters as well as lunch boxes for your party. These are great options for kids who might be very picky in their culinary choices.

There are certain foods, however, that are sure to be a hit with most kids at any party. These foods are simple, delicious, nutritious and don’t create a messy situation (most of the time).

So without further ado, here are some great food options to consider when you’re throwing your kid’s next party.

Finger sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are a fun and versatile food choice. They’re small, light, easy to hold and eat, and can be filled with any number of fillings. What’s more, you can have an assortment of different flavors such as chicken, beef, vegetarian, etc. These flavor combinations will appeal to kids and adults alike. Plus, kids can easily pick them up and they won’t cause a mess.


Almost all children love pasta. It’s soft, it’s simple, it’s fun to eat! Many forms of pasta come in twisty bendy shapes that appeal to children. Your caterer needs to pick the right sauce to go with the kind of pasta they have picked. Usually, a basic tomato-based sauce works wonders because it’s flavorful and mild. Your kids will lick their plates clean at the end!

Mini Pizza

What kid doesn’t love pizza? There’s a lot you can do with pizzas, especially if you get an assortment of mini pizzas. This way, you can have a wheel of different flavors ready and on hand for the kids. You can always incorporate fun vegetarian options as well. Mini pizzas are probably the least messy because kids can pick them up and bite into them right away.

Iced Tea

Fresh lemon or peach iced tea is a zingy and healthy refreshment option for the kids who don’t want water. Make sure your caterer provides these without added sugar syrup. You can always have some on the side for kids who have more of a sweet tooth.


Cupcakes are the best dessert option for kids. There’s frosting, sparkles, sprinkles and so much more! Kids are sure to gravitate towards these sweet treats at once.

We hope you found this list to be helpful. Once you’ve found the right caterer, you can go over these food options with them and take their recommendations into account as well. Kids always respond well to mess-free, simple and tasty food. Have a great party!

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