Keep the Conversation Right – Things You Should Never Say in Front of Your Child

Having all conversations in front of children?Your child is your greatest observer and you really need to hold back at times. It would not only create a healthy learning environment for the young ones but also help them develop a positive outlook towards different aspects and situations.

conversations in front of children

Let’s reveal things parents should never talk when children are in the same room.

Reserve the Tittle-tattles

Gossiping in front of children may severely burn their innocence. Your child might develop a specific notion towards the people concerned. There are chances he or she may repeat or reveal things to others. Restrain being gossip mongers to them. Rather, help them develop their own individual ability to assess people.

Condemn Them, Commend Others

Parents do have this tendency of drawing comparisons. It’s good to cite examples of successful people to motivate your child. However, criticizing them for not being up to the level of others may bring inferiority complex in them. Going further, they might interpret it as ‘complaining’ if you discuss this with relatives or friends while they are listening.

Mature Talks They Are Immature to Understand

Maturity evolves with age and experience. Your child certainly lacks maturity based on these parameters. Things you consider normal to say might in still a different emotion in them. Here are some examples:

  • Don’t swear in their presence. They might not comprehend but may quickly grasp the abusive words.
  • News stories like terrorist attacks, college campus shootings and those connected to racism are definitely not the things to converse before children. This may inculcatein them the fear to visit places and hesitation to interact with actually has some great tips about sharing news stories with kids.
  • They don’t need to know your financial issues. Irrespective of the problem’s gravity, children always interpret money-related talks as serious. Take out these conversations only in private.

Whatever is Wrong between You Two

Parents arguing in front of kids set wrong inspirations for the young spectators. However, it’s completely understandable that fights between couples are unavoidable at times. According to, fighting in front of kids is indeed an art and you really need to learn it.

The World around is Unsafe

Never mention the concerns related to safety when kids are around. It could be related to bad weather predictions to home safety vulnerabilities to drug abuse or anything of that sort. Things discussed regarding these topics might scare them overwhelmingly or bring down their confidence. Let them enjoy the thought of the world being a safe and wonderful place to live in.


Your child considers you a perfect caretaker. As a parent, you are the one he or she looks up to while taking every decision. Negative self-talks are what can uninterruptedly pass on from you to your child. No wonder if he or she develops low self-esteem imitating self-degradation just like you. Keep suck self-talks to yourself.

Remember that children are active listeners, especially to their parents. Be careful where to put a filter and keep away things you should never say to your child.