4 Reasons to Put Interlock Device in Vehicles While Teens Are Driving

Being parents is the most satisfactory and self-esteem position. But this is a 24 hours duty as
well. This duty requires you to be alert all the time, get in touch with your children to be aware
of their activities, and never stop counseling. Your counseling, taking notices of everything of
their lives, will surely have a positive impact on their lives.

Kids at a very young age have different demands and requirements. But when they entered the
teenage, everything changes. Their needs, demands, wishes, and activities all transform into an
entirely new shape. At this age, the most important thing they want to do is driving. At this
time, you need not be proactive. You sho, could deal your teen with patience, great care and
keep a strict eye at them.

You cannot stop them from driving or being social and using alcohol. The thing you can do is
their proper training and counseling along with arranging some driving classes for them. This
will ensure the following:

  • Their moral and ethical character building
  • Help them in learning driving rules, regulations and principles
  • Give a better understanding of alcohol using ratio while driving

Even then, parents, especially mothers, remain very much worried about their children. For
their peace of mind, we suggest them to use an interlock device in the vehicle. The device will
not allow them to drive the vehicle when they have drunk beyond the limit. The power of
driving will automatically be driven away from them. Thus the parents will feel much relaxed
and comfortable.

Some important reasons that support the installation of an interlock device in the vehicle while
teens are driving are as under:

Protecting Your Teen Drivers

A survey in the US showed that most of the crashes on the road are happened nowadays, just
because of teen and drunk drivers. They often become unconscious and lose their grip over the
vehicle. Thus they harm themselves and others too. Sometimes the accidents are too severe to
become fatal for the driver and other people on the road.

So the primary focus of the parents should be to protect their child and others on the road,
while the teen is driving. For this purpose, the installation of interlock in vehicles is mandatory.

This ignition interlock in the vehicle will be taken away their choice of drink and drive. That will
surely bring peace of mind for the parents when children are away for a party in the evening.

Future DUI Predictions

An ignition interlock device also called car breathalyzer, has the capability of storing previous
readings of breath tests. With the help of this stored information, it can predict the future
behavior of DUI accused. Data from these interlocks are downloaded and examined regularly by
the authorities. The data enables them to take decisions based on DUI offenses frequency.
Furthermore, a person will be rewarded the full driving privileges once again or not, depends
upon the readings of the interlock device.

Life Saving Instrument

This interlock device in vehicles saves lives undoubtedly. In the US, a survey showed that after
an increase is observed in the use of car breathalyzer, reduction of at most 30% is also observed
in car crashes on the road. It is a sign of the successful working of a device. Parents should now be relaxed and can enjoy their evenings while their kids are out of the house for a late night party.

Offenders Can Regain Driving

People with the first-time accusation of DUI will have to lose their licenses as the court will
suspend their license. But such drivers can continue driving by regaining car driving. The legal
status of DUI can be improved and maintained. Thus he can do his regular chores without any

So now parents need not worry while sending their teenagers out with their friends for late
night parties. They will surely drive the vehicle safely, and if they have drunk excessively, they
will fail to run the vehicle. Good luck, parents!!!

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