Infant Gifting Ideas – The Best Gifts For Babies Under 1 Year

Babies have several different needs. Though they don’t demand anything, it is the duty of the near and dear ones to take care of their requirements. You can pamper them while fulfilling such needs by buying exclusive gifts for babies under 1 year of age present out there.

Gifts for babies under 1

Looking to buy gifts for babies under 1? Here is a list of different unique and creative gifting options available for infants and toddlers.

For Infants Under 6 months Of Age

Bouncer Seats and Swings

Bouncer seats are a must for new born babies. Many expecting parents have this toy on their priority list of essentials for the baby. Bouncer seats provide a dual purpose for a baby. While providing a safe and enjoyable place to sit, babies can learn different things and skills through a bouncer seat. Bouncer seats are much more than just swings; it can appeal the interest of the baby for a long time due to the availability of varied distinct features.

Sleep Toys

You can make the sleep time of your youngest one even more soothing by buying them sleep toys. These toys are one of the best gifts for a baby under 1. Different sleep toys can be described as stuffed toys such as teddy bear that make sounds and animals that play varied lullabies. These toys help the baby know that it’s time to rest, making them sleep faster.

Soft Books

Reading to babies should be a constant activity. You cannot define a particular age when the babies must be taught the art of vocabulary, reading and speaking. Hence, you must add this amazing gift for kids in the age group 0 to 6 months to his collection. Choose a soft cloth books that the baby can touch safely. Let the baby gaze at different images while you read new sounds to him.

Gifts for Babies Under 1 Year of Age

Shape Sorter

This is yet another gift to supplement the learning process in babies above 6 months of age. Buy a shape sorter and let your little one identify different shapes through trial and error method. This toy is a must for growing children under 1. As it helps in achieving both eye and hand coordination.

Stacking Toys

Stacking toys do a lot more than just allowing the child fit one piece of a particular size into another. The children can also stack one piece of the toy above one another and knock the pieces down with the help of a ball. Moreover, the kind of exciting colors that nesting or stacking toys come in these days makes this gifting option even more desirable.

Push Toy

A push toy is ideal for the unsteady walkers. It not only provides them support but also adds fun to the game. Pediatric therapists say that a push toy can help the young ones walk without risks and make their endeavors even more stable than the regular walkers.

Bath Toy

Babies tend to love the bath time after 6 months of age. Even if they don’t, it’s time for you to turn the bath time into a fun time for your kid. You can buy different bubbly bathing gels and toys to let them enjoy in water for long.

Though this is a wonderful list of some of the best gifts for babies under 1, you need to identify what your baby would love the most. Moreover, no matter which gift you choose, do add a couple of varieties, shapes and colors to their collection.

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