Ideas and Best Brands to Buy Organic Toys for Kids

Each and every parent tries his best to ensure safety for kids. Modern, thoughtful, educated and well-informed parents ensure that kids are not exposed to harmful chemicals. This goes true for every product they shop including food, clothes, grooming products, gifts, toys, etc. With so many online and offline stores selling toys made from harmful chemicals, it is important to differentiate trustworthy brands from the ones that do not stand the test of quality. Toys made from plastic can form poisonous fumes under the effect of warm temperature and affect the nervous system of children. Some toys also tend to lose colors when wet. As parents, the safety of kids is indeed a priority. So, preference for organic toys for kids is rising.

Here is a list of best brands to buy organic toys for kids – brands that parents consider safe and reliable.

Top Stores and Brands for Wooden Organic Toys for Kids

The popularity of toys made of unfinished and unprocessed wooden parts is increasing. Unprocessed wood is natural and free from harmful chemicals. It is the finest quality of wood that costs a little higher. However, it is totally worth the money, considering your child’s health and safety. Go through the below list to make the right choice.

Go through the below list to make the right choice.

Think Toys

The store has expertise in organic toys. Parents prefer these toys because the toys are painted with non-toxic water based paints that are safe for kids’ health. Local handmade toys from the store are best-sellers. Some popular toys from this store include wood-made learning toys, cups, pegs, ring around the rainbow, etc.

Smiling Tree Toys

The Smiling Tree Toys store specializes in making toys for preschool kids that help them play and learn simultaneously. The vast collection of wooden toys sold here include cars, stackers, balancers, blocks, etc.

Wild Apples

If you are looking for kids’ toys shaped as fun cartoon character animals, you can go for the Wild Apples store in New York. The store specializes in making handcrafted wooden toys that have smooth edges and are finished with organic mineral oil.

Bannor Toys

The Bannor Toys Company strongly believes in education through a playful mode. The wide variety of educational toys supplied by the Bannor Toys includes building blocks, alphabet tethering game, natural vehicles and many more. The company takes care that the wood used for making the organic toys is of the highest quality harvested from deep forests.

Holgate Toys

Holgate Toys is one of the most reputed organic toy brands in America. Established in 1789, they adopt an eco-friendly way to make high-quality organic toys that are safe for the kids as well as environment. Not only does the brand make organic toys, it also makes furniture and other personalized items too.

Organic Toys for Kids

Top Brands for Non-Plastic Toys for Kids

Here are some toy brands that specialize in making non-plastic toys within America. These toys are lead-free, therefore, safe for kids. Buying these lead-free toys will ensure that your kid is not exposed to harmful chemicals that can impact the development of your child. Investing in wooden toys might be a little costlier compared to investing in plastic toys, nonetheless, it is worth the price.

Elves and Angels

Elves and Angels is one of the best brands to buy organic toys for kids as they use pine wood instead of using walnut or cherry wood. Pinewood is traditionally lighter in weight as well as safer as it does not rot easily. If you are looking for big kitchen set toys as well as play stands, Elves and Angels is the best choice.

North Star Toys

North Star Toys is a brand that uses food grade mineral oil to provide a finish to their wooden toys. This characteristic ensures that your kid is safe and not exposed to any chemicals even if he/she puts the toy in his/her mouth.

Under the Nile

If you are looking for soft organic toys, you can for Under the Nile brand. They manufacture the finest plush toys without using any synthetic coloring option. The toys from this brand are GOTS certified making them one of the highest quality commercially available toys.

Camden Rose

Camden Rose specializes in making realistic kitchen stands and toys for kids. They can make full-fledged kitchen cabinet toy sets that not only are great to play with but also serve as a good show piece for the house.

These were our top picks for brands offering organic toys for kids. If you are out there shopping for your kids, these brands might prove to be a little costly, but the price is worth it as nothing is more precious than your child’s health.