How to Make a Face Mask? – Easy Tutorials and 12 Face Mask Patterns

We find almost every next person searching about how to make a face mask. The Coronavirus pandemic has struck the world quite hard. Apart from the life threat, it has also created an economic backlash and social isolation, which are the two ancillary factors that have put the very future of development and progress of human civilizations in question.

The World Health Organization has suggested different means to stay protected from the spread of this deadly virus with an ever-evolving RNA structure, hardly known to the world. According to the guidelines of WHO, washing hands with soap frequently and thoroughly from time to time, maintaining social distancing, and wearing face masks to keep the oral area protected from contamination are some of the essential precautions. However, as more people are opting for face masks, the market is experiencing a shortage of face masks as well.  You can refer to the face mask sewing tutorials to know more about how you can turn a piece of cloth into a life-saving armor to fight against COVID-19, the virus responsible for the 21st-century global epidemic.

Making a face mask with fabric is easier than you think.

Follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to make one for you and a few for your family and friends as well. If you wish to make a face mask to sell some of these at a discounted price to meet the demand of the market and to serve humanity staying within your limits, make a DIY Face mask from some of the face mask patterns given in the gallery and get your journey started. Also, you can distribute these DIY face masks for free to the poor and the marginal people as a part of your philanthropic endeavors amidst the pandemic.

How to Make a Face Mask with Fabric?

The Centre for Disease Control has already advised using masks when going out. It has also mentioned that masks made of cotton fabric are of more utility than any other variety of material, when it comes to restricting the spread of COVID-19.

To know about how to make your own face mask at home, here are the steps to follow.

Material Required to Make Fabric Face Mask

  • Scissors
  • Cotton T-shirt

DIY Face Mask Tutorial

  1. To make a DIY cloth face mask, cut a rectangular piece of cloth from the bottom of a clean T-shirt. Keep the width about 7-8 inches.
  2. Take the rectangular piece out and lay it down on a table in front of you flatly.
  3. Leaving one inch from bottom and top of the right-hand side of the rectangular piece, cut out another rectangular piece of length 6-7 inches.
  4. This will leave the piece with two straps and a covered area that will be the face mask. If you want, cut the straps from the middle to form two strings that can be tied at the back of your head when you will wear the mask.

For more details and source of the above steps, you can visit CDC official website.

How to Make a Face Mask with Sewing Machine?

Materials Required

  • Two 10”x6” rectangular pieces of cotton fabric
  • Two 6” elastic bands (or rubber bands, cloth strips, string, or hair ties)
  • Thread and needle (or bobby pin)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

DIY Face Mask with Elastic Bands – Tutorial

  1. Cut out two rectangular pieces of 10-by-6-inch from a cotton fabric. It is suggested that you use densely woven cotton, like cotton sheets or quilting fabric. You can also use the T-shirt fabric for this purpose. Keep one piece on another and sew them neatly so that the stitched piece appears to be one piece of cloth.
  2. Get the long sides folded by ¼ inch and start hemming. After you are done hemming, fold the double layer over ½ inch following the short sides and get it stitched.
  3. Run the elastic of length 6-inch length and width 1/8-inch through each side of the mask having wider hem. These will be used as the ear loops of the mask. Use a bobby pin or a large needle to thread it through. Tie the ends tightly.

If you do not have elastic at home, use elastic headbands or hair ties instead. If you have strings, make the strings long enough to tie them behind your head.

This is an easy face mask tutorial from at-home materials to follow. For more details and source of the above details, you can visit details for DIY face coverings at the CDC website.

How to Make Face Mask with Filter?

Materials required

  • Bandana (any color)
  • Two hair ties or rubber bands
  • Cone coffee filter

Face Mask with Filter – Tutorial

  1. Fold the bandana in two halves to form a square.
  2. Horizontally cut the coffee filter through its middle.
  3. The wide section of the filter should be placed in the middle of the bandana.
  4. The bottom of the bandana should be folded up to the middle part so that it covers the filter perfectly and fold down the top over it to hide the filter behind the bandana completely.
  5. Loop a hair tie or a rubber band around each of the ends (right and left). Remember to leave a few inches of fabric to make it look like a candy wrapper.
  6. Fold each side over the band to make them meet in the middle. Tuck the sides together.

For more details and source of the above details, you can visit Wired

How to Make Face Mask without Sewing?

To make a no-sew face mask at home, follow the steps mentioned below.

Material Required

  • Clean T-Shirt
  • Scissors
  • Two hair ties or rubber bands

DIY No-sew Face Mask Tutorial

  1. Cut a horizontal section of about 7-8 inches from the bottom of the T-shirt. Keep the cut-out piece flatly in front of you. Now, turn the piece so that the double-stitched side of the T-shirt in the bottom faces left or right.
  2. Start folding the piece up to the middle from the bottom, and to the middle from the top. Repeat the same folding technique once again.
  3. Leaving a few inches of the fabric, loop a hair tie or rubber band around each of the ends (right and left) to make each side look like a candy wrapper.
  4. Put the hung-on material over the band, and let them meet in the middle to form the additional layer of the mask.
  5. Try to put the mask on and test if it fits you correctly.

For more details and supporting picture, you can visit cloth mask tutorial at Wired

Now that you know how to make a face mask at home, let us find some facts about how to keep the face masks thus made usable for long. 

How to Make a Face Mask with Socks with Some Simple Cuts?

Making a facemask with socks is easy and can be learnt by watching an easy video of Safia Aggoune, a famous Tik Toker, and dancer from Amsterdam. Watch the video by clicking here. Here is a summary of steps

  1. Hold the sock upside down.
  2. Then cut off half the portion of the foot section.
  3. When you find that there is even space from the heel area to ends (bottom and top) of the socks – cut it open in the middle. Let the heel area be at the center.
  4. That way, a rectangle is formed with the heel portion of the sock being in the center. Fold this horizontally.
  5. Create two cuts of about 2 cm. i.e. one from each of the sides.

Tips To Keep the Face Masks Clean

  • Wash the face mask in the washing machine or with hands thoroughly with detergent to keep it clean after every use.
  • After washing, soak the face mask in sanitizing liquid with alcohol so that no germs can sustain.
  • Let the face mask dry under the sun for 4-5 hours before you use it once again.
  • If it is raining, you can use an iron to press to the face mask after drying it under shade.

This way, you can turn your cloth face masks into reusable face masks.

Salient Features That a Face Mask Should Have

Wearing face masks will not suffice the purpose of restricting the spread of COVID-19 or any other germs unless you follow the protocols issued by the CDC and WHO alongside. Read the steps carefully to know, if your homemade face mask is perfect for you.

  • Make sure that the face mask offers a snug fit and, at the same time, remains comfortable on the sides of the face allowing the wearer easy breathing.
  • Ensure that the ties or the ear loops secured enough
  • Add as many layers of fabric as possible
  • The material used for making the face mask must allow enough exchange of gases for smooth breathing
  • Check that no damage is done to the face mask owing ton washing or rinsing.

Types of Face Masks

Ever since WHO and CDC have made wearing face masks compulsory while going out of houses, the demand for face masks has increased substantially. Everyone is trying to put on a mask to keep a safe distance from the COVID-19 virus. Here are the varieties of masks that you will find in the market and the utility related to each of them that will allow you to choose the right one for you.

N95 Mask:

N 95 masks are specially crafted face masks that are capable of restricting dust, micro particles, virus, bacteria, and droplets. It is available in various sizes. Hence fit-test must be done before purchasing one. Also, this variety of masks offers a tight fit is a perfect choice for people engaged in the healthcare field.

Since 95% of the infections can be restricted wearing N95 masks, this variety is one of the most effective ones. Hence, if you are not a person who is directly involved in healthcare services, the N95 mask is not a must for you.

Surgical Masks:

Surgical masks have the ability to protect the wearer from large droplets, sprays, and splashes. It also prevents the spread of infectious droplets and microbes from the wearer.

For Doctors, health sector workers, and people who come in close contact with infected people on a daily basis, if the N95 mask is not available, the surgical mask can be a smart and effective alternative.

Homemade Face Mask:

As far as the homemade face masks are concerned, these can be of much impact when it comes to halting the spread of viruses and bacteria while speaking, sneezing, or coughing.  These masks can be made effortlessly at home and also are a better alternative to not wearing a mask at all.

When we stay at home, we have to interact with others. Complete isolation becomes hard to maintain. These at-home face masks are especially useful during these times. Hence, if you do not have a surgical mask, wear a cloth mask to secure yourself from the droplet infections. WHO has also recommended wearing the multilayered cloth face masks.

How to Wear a Face Mask?

Wearing a face mask can only be useful if you are following all the dos and don’ts properly. Putting the mask on is not enough unless you do the same carefully and maintaining all the approved hygiene standards.

Here are things one must keep in mind, while wearing a face mask.

  1. Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and sanitize your hands before touching the mask.
  2. Remove the mask from the sealed box, which must not have any holes or tears on it.
  3. The side with a stiff bendable edge is the top side of the mask, and the edge will get bent to adjust the shape of your nose.
  4. Put the mask on by holding the bands and never touch the surface of the cover.
  5. If further adjustments are required for a snug fit, do the same holding the bands only.
  6. If the mask has ties, tie the upper strings first and then adjust the mask to cover the face while fastening the lower strings adequately.
  7. For masks with elastic looped bands, just put the bands around the years for adjusting the mask.
  8. When you remove the mask, make sure that you do not touch the covered part of it and also any part of your face. Remove the mask by holding the strings only.
  9. If the mask is not reusable, throw it away immediately into the trash and clean your hands immediately with soap.
  10. For the reusable mask, follow the instructions mentioned in the section explaining ‘Tips to Keep the Face Masks Clean’ above.

Making face masks at home is not a difficult task. However, to make the use of these masks the right way, we all must abide by the norms laid by the health organizations worldwide. We must ensure maintaining every protocol and precaution to fight against COVID-19 to make it a story from the past as soon as possible. The future of the global economy, as well as human progress, will depend mainly on how actively we can combat the virus now.

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