Tips For Choosing Your Next Family Car

Americans spend around 6% of their waking hours in a car, spending around one hour every day behind the wheel. Whether it’s taking the family on a road trip, taking the kids to school, regular trips to the grocery store or just getting us to work, our cars are an essential part of family life. For most families, the biggest priority when purchasing a family car is safety. But what should be looking for when choosing your next family vehicle?

Cost of Vehicle Insurance

You will likely be spending out a fair bit of money when you buy a new car, whether it’s brand new or pre-owned. Protecting you and your vehicle in the event of an accident can make a huge difference in the cost of running the car and help you afford extra safety features. Insurers review what insurance rate to put on a car based on safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). They will also look at anti-collision and anti-theft features the price of parts and also enhanced safety features such as lane departure warning systems. The safer and more reliable the car, the less you will likely have to pay on your insurance.

Important Vehicle Safety Features

Air bags pretty much come as standard now which is great for a family car. But if you have children aged 12 or under, then you should make sure the ones in your new car can be de-activated. Side airbags generally cushion the front and rear seats during a rollover or side impact. In some larger models, they can also provide added protection to third-row passengers. Electronic stability control will enable you to stay in control of the vehicle in varying road and weather conditions, helping you avoid a collision.

Extra Peace of Mind with Car Safety Alerts

Lane departure alerts are a helpful vehicle safety feature that warns you if you become distracted and ensure you stay focused and in your lane. If the car has lane-keeping support then even better as this means the car will actually move the steering to correct the vehicle itself. Other features like front and rear collision warnings, rearview cameras and blind spot monitors, crash-imminent and pedestrian-impact braking and automatic crash notification, are all designed to help keep your family safer on the road.

Whatever your budget, there is an array of family cars on the market offering you and your family a safe and comfortable drive. Just make sure you do your research before you determine which vehicle is the right one for you. Checking out the cost of insurance, along with the vehicles safety features will ensure your next family car is the right car.

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