A Guide to Household Pest Control

Mother Nature can be a source of wonderment, tranquility and fascination. Unfortunately, there are times when she oversteps the boundaries and sends a few of her pesky things right into the heart of our living spaces. This is when nature becomes a pest, sometimes even risking your health and wellbeing. In this guide take a look at a few ways you can mitigate Mother Nature’s overzealous exuberance and repel the troops she sends to interfere with your home and garden spaces. Household pest control tips for home owners are listed below.

Keep Your Garden in Order

Garden maintenance is not just about keeping everything looking aesthetically pleasing outside. It is also an integral part of your household pest preventative maintenance strategy. Overgrown gardens and unmaintained backyards are exactly the right conditions for pests to proliferate. Always follow a schedule for garden sweeping, raking, weeding, tidying and pruning. The better you maintain your outside spaces, the less chance you have of inviting pests into your life.

Eliminate Waste

It’s easy to forget about those fruits and veggies left to go over ripe on your kitchen counters. But we all do it and it is exactly what fruit flies want. The best thing to do is make sure you are always eating your fruit and vegetables before they become pest bait. Good for you, bad for them.

Keep Termites at Bay

That firewood you’re storing ready for the fall can be a haven for destructive, house devaluing termites. The problem arises when your wood is stored close to you house, garage or sheds. Termites will be happy to hop from your wood to the structural timbers of your home and then you’ll have a really significant problem on your hands.

Get Professional Help

There will be times when a bug spray just won’t help. You need to get professional pest control help to ensure that you are dealing efficiently and permanently with the problem at hand. There will be a local pest control expert wherever you are, the pest control Edmond OK office, for example, is able to help and advise for any household pest issue. Sometimes, only professional help will get the job done and give you the peace of mind that things will resolve quickly and effectively.

Be Careful With Your Garbage

Don’t leave garbage bags outside for too long, especially off they are filled with the kind of rotting temptations that can attract household pests. Avoid throwing meat scraps outside if you are not due for a garbage collection anytime soon or you will be shocked at how quickly your waste will become a feeding ground for pests. If you can, use an outside garbage bin rather than simply leaving bags outside as that will also help deter potential invaders.

Leave the Outside Stuff Outside Only

It might be tempting to bring those outdoor toys, tools and bikes inside to protect them against the elements or for security reasons but instead of using your house, transfer them to an out building if possible. If you have to bring them inside then make sure you give them a thorough clean as they could well be crawling with unwanted guests.

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