Complete House Cleaning Checklist for Every Part of the Home

Sharing is good. In this post, we share with you our complete house cleaning checklist to clean your home efficiently and thoroughly. First things first. We realise that not everybody is into cleaning and we want to try to make the whole process more enjoyable for you. To improve your mood, put on some lively, energetic music. Trust me, it works! Now roll up your sleeves and pick up clutter. As you move through the rooms, try to rethink what you have. The fewer belongings you have, the less you have to clean.

How to Clean and Declutter Your House?

Get rid of all those old magazines, newspapers, mail, clothes you do not wear anymore, toys your kids do not play with anymore, etc. It is high time for you to consider the idea of donating or recycling. You cannot go wrong! If there are any closets or wardrobes you are too afraid to open, now it is the time!

There is one golden rule – Always clean from top to bottom! You do not want to dust the same surfaces twice, do you? Dust with a microfiber cloth because this will reduce the number of allergens and can improve the indoor breathing environment.

To remove cobwebs, a mop with a tied dampened cloth will do the trick! When you do a deep cleaning of your home, you should not forget to clean the door handles, picture frames, light switches and fixtures, etc. To clean TV screens and monitors use a glass cleaned to prevent them from getting scratched. You will find out also what is included in end of tenancy cleaning.

Vacuum the floors in the entire property, including upholstered furniture. You will be surprised at what you can find under beds or furniture- socks, books, hair ties, etc. A good advice when you are about to mop, make sure to start at the farthest corner and work your way to the entrance.

Clean Kitchen as Per House Cleaning Checklist

Kitchen Cleaning and Organizing

  • Clean Countertops, Cabinets And Drawers
  • Wipe Down The Stove Top
  • Wipe Down Kitchen Appliances (Fridge, Coffee Machine, Dishwasher, Microwave)
  • Clean Sink And Taps
  • Sweep And Mop Bare Floors, Vacuum Rugs

Clean white bathtub in a large bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Remove All Rugs And Baskets Which Stand In Your Way
  • Clean Tiles And Grout
  • Scrub The Toilet On The Inside, Wipe It Down On The Outside (Do Not Forget The Base)
  • Shine The Mirrors And Glass Surfaces
  • Scrub Clean The Sink
  • Empty The Trash Bin
  • Use Grout Brush Along Faucet And Drain
  • Wipe Down The Counters
  • Scrub The Shower/ Tub
  • Clean The Soap Container
  • Sweep And Mop Bare Floors, Vacuum Rugs
  • Deodorise

Well-organised and clean decluttered bedroom

Bedroom Cleaning

  • Remove And Wash Curtains
  • Dust The Ceiling Fan
  • Shine Mirrors And Other Glass Surfaces
  • Wash Windows
  • Dust Baseboards
  • Use Dampened Microfiber Cloth To Wipe Down Lamps (Including Bulbs, Lamp Base, Lamp Shade)
  • Wipe The Bed Frame, Vacuum The Mattress
  • Dust Furniture And Then Polish
  • Vacuum The Carpets (Plus Beneath Beds And Furniture)
  • Treat Any Carpets Stains
  • Dust Door Handles, Picture Frames, Light Fixtures And Switches
  • Change Linen, Make Beds

What do you think about this house cleaning checklist? Are you ready to start cleaning? Our advice is not to think of the cleaning as an obligation, try to make the best of it and try to enjoy it as much as possible. Remember that whenever you need help with the chores, you can contact a professional cleaning company to give you a hand. Little assistance is never superfluous!

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