How to Choose a Home Security System

Not everyone chooses to buy a security system for their home but those that do often have a myriad of reasons. Perhaps they are out of town for weeks at a time, like having that peace of mind or simply want an extra layer of security for them and their family. Many people choose it to simply protect their home from burglary. There are roughly 2.5 million burglaries each year or one every 13 seconds. You already want to do whatever you can to protect your loved ones, so a security system may be the next logical step. So, are you thinking of buying a security system for your home? If you’re thinking about it one way or another, check out the things to consider before making the purchase.

What Are You Going to Use the Home Security System For?

This is the big question before starting your home security system browsing. If you’re looking to simply have the cool camera on the front porch that can track when people come, then you’re probably not going to need a system. Some people install a camera in their driveway or over their doors to monitor activity.

Some systems also offer smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors glass sensors, security cameras and water leak sensors as part of their package. You’ll just have to decide what exactly you want to monitor and control. A lot of this can depend on your personal needs as well as the region you are in.

If you’re looking for constant monitoring, home protection and quick action from first responders, then it’s wise to go for a home security system. Choosing whether to do it yourself or hire a technician is up to hire.

DIY vs. The Pros

With the DIY industry becoming more and more popular with every passing year, plenty of people are opting to go the DIY route when installing a home security system. The positive/negative is you get to decide where to put the sensors and how to go about installing it. You’re in full control. Some DIY installations can take a few hours while others can be done in just under an hour. If you’re not the most tech-savvy, it may be difficult to get everything linked up and running so adjust your patience accordingly.

Hiring a security professional means you only have to be home when they come and install. They’ll do a full look over of your house, install the sensors and other items for you. The positive side of this means you’re getting all the items in the ideal location as well as being on hand to answer any of your questions immediately.

The Monitoring

The home security business is no stranger to the influx of technological improvements over the years and thus, security systems have been rapidly improving each year. Whereas five years ago, a technician may come out, install a big box, security keypad and then connect everything to your landline, the internet, rise of wireless technology and smart homes have changed the game.

Even though you may still have a landline in your home, you may not use the landline phone at all. In addition, you’d have to sign up for the service as well. Without the service, your new security system was as useless as a bacon salesman at a vegan convention.

Nowadays, many companies are turning to hi-tech options and including the monitoring as part of the service package. Lastly, the majority of security systems can connect to your smartphone. So, you’ll be able to monitor all activity in and around your home. This gives many homeowners peace of mind when they’re away from home.

Price of the Home Security System

Unfortunately, there is no blanket answer when it comes to money. There are some DIY systems that can range from just under $100 to hundreds more. Hiring a company to install and then monitor your home will certainly cost more, but you’ll have the comfort knowing that you don’t have to be the one constantly monitoring your own home.

Speak with professionals in your area and see what kind of packages they offer or look into doing it yourself. Just do whatever gives you the most comfort and security for you and your family.


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