20+Happy Handprint Crafts for Kids that Make Craft Sessions Super Fun

If your kids are getting bored at home introduce them to Handprint crafts for kids, a fun art and craft technique that will challenge and enhance both their imagination and skill. And all you need for this activity is paint and paper and oodles of creativity. If you are wondering how to make toddler handprints crafts, explore the gallery and you will see that it’s a cakewalk. Handprint crafts entertain children of various ages from toddlers to teens.

Have Oodles of Fun with Handprint Crafts for Kids

Use non-toxic washable paints on your toddler’s palm, a color that is his or her favorite, and print them on monochrome art paper before turning them into cute stuff with a little imagination and some inspiration. You can add some lines or curves and shape boldly colored handprints into handprint flowers or create a flower garden by adding flowers to a handprint grassland. Handprint animals like pink and orange flamingos, or a pair of bright blue elephants, or black and yellow bumblebees are also not only quite popular in preschool sessions, but also very easy to make.

Frolic and Fun with Festive Handprint Greeting Cards

Handprint crafts for Christmas are the most precious gift items for the holidays, especially for the grandparents. They can be cards or even part of the wall decor. One can make the picture of evergreen Christmas tree with all the decorations, or Rudolph the reindeer with his red nose. Handprint Santas are popular and easy to make, and handprint elves too are the rage. You can also choose to make the nativity scenes of the 3 magi giving gifts to baby Jesus in the manger. These crafts can be made into photo frames or gift items. You can find great ideas for handprint crafts for Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and other festivals too as you explore the gallery with the happiest handprint crafts for kids.

Beautiful Handprint Roses – Get Tutorial at Sugarspiceandglitter

Beautiful Handprint Roses

Bunny Easter Craft For Kids – Get Tutorial at Simpleeverydaymom

Bunny Easter Craft For Kids

Butterfly Handprint Craft – Get Tutorial at Madetobeamomma

Butterfly Handprint Craft

Cute Father’s Day Handprint Art – Get Tutorial at Messylittlemonster

Cute Father's Day Handprint Art

DIY Cute Sunflower Handprint Craft – Get Tutorial at Thecrazyoutdoormama

DIY Cute Sunflower Handprint Craft

Easy Fall Hand Print Wreath – Get Tutorial at todayscreativeideas

Easy Fall Hand Print Wreath

Elephant Handprint Jungle Craft – Get Tutorial at Funhandprintartblog

Elephant Handprint Jungle Craft

Emoji Handprint Craft – Get Tutorial at Alittlepinchofperfect

Emoji Handprint Craft

Family Handprint And Footprint Fall Tree – Get Tutorial at Readingconfetti

Family Handprint and Footprint Fall Tree

Father’s Day Handprint Craft – Get Tutorial at Thebestideasforkids

Father’s Day Handprint Craft

Flower Handprint Bouquet – Get Tutorial at Thebestideasforkids

Flower Handprint Bouquet

Frankenstein Handprints Halloween Craft – Get Tutorial at Momdot

Frankenstein Handprints Halloween Craft

Hand Print Flower DIY Bookmarks – Get Tutorial at Darice

Hand Print Flower DIY Bookmarks

Little Turkey Handprint Craft – Get Tutorial at Alittlepinchofperfect

Little Turkey Handprint Craft

Mothers Day Handprint Card – Get Tutorial at Nontoygifts

Mother’s Day handprint card

Pig Handprint Valentine Craft – Get Tutorial at Craftymorning

Pig Handprint Valentine Craft

Reindeer Handprint Christmas Ornament Craft – Get Tutorial at Buggyandbuddy

Reindeer Handprint Christmas Ornament Craft

Space Handprint Art  Rocket Craft – Get Tutorial at Theinspirationedit

Space Handprint Art Rocket Craft

Spring Chick Handprint Craft – Get Tutorial at Kidsactivitiesblog

Sunflower Handprint Craft

Sunflower Handprint Craft – Get Tutorial at Artycraftykids

Tote Handprint Bags

Tote Handprint Bags – Get Tutorial at Niftymom

Spring Chick Handprint Craft

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