Games to Play with Kids During Weekends

Factually a kid’s brain is developed up to 90 percent in the first five years of his/her growth. To stimulate his/her brain growth, it is important that you play creative games with your kid from time to time.In the initial years of your child’s growth and development, it is crucial for you to spend time with them. Playing games with your kid will also allow you to enforce a positive and active environment in his/her life. However, as a thoughtful parent, you need to know the right games to play with kids to foster great physical and mental development.

Games also serve as a bonding between you and your child eventually allowing you to spend more time with him/her and know him/her better. Weekends are a great time to take a break from your work and spend some of your time with your kid, playing these games.

Games to Play with Kids

Indoor Games to Play with Kids

  • Construction using Lego Blocks: By teaching your kid how to play with Lego blocks you can keep him/her entertained for several hours. This game will also teach your kid the importance of building a strongly based structure while having fun at the same time.
  • Shapes and Color blocks: You can play this game with your 2 to a 3-year-old This is the age when they start understanding the basic shapes and colors. This game will help in the brain development of your child.
  • Twister: This is a perfect game that you can play with your whole family on a party occasion. Not only is it fun but keeps you and your kid flexible.
  • Jenga:You can teach Jenga to kids to make them understand how each building block is important in a structure.
  • Dominoes: The Domino game teaches your kid patience and eventually rewards him/her with a satisfying series fall at the end.
  • Pictionary: Pictionary is a great way to bond with your kid. You can play this game at large family gatherings and put in several educational clues in the clues for your child’s mental growth.

Outdoor Games to Play with Kids

  • Baseball/Catch: This is the most classic game that you can play with your kid to keep him/her active.
  • Treasure Hunt: A treasure hunt will stimulate the sense of mystery solving in your child’s behavior, and he/she will be motivated to finding a reward towards the end of the game.
  • Tug of War: Tug of War teaches the importance of teamwork in life. If you have more than one kid, you can play this game with them or invite your neighbor and his/her kid to play it with you.

Board Games to Play With Kids

  • Monopoly: Playing Monopoly is a very subtle way to teach your kid the importance of money and investment in early stages of his/her life.
  • Chess: Teaching Chess will allow you to teach your kid critical thinking as well as how to think on his/her feet during a game.

These are few of the top games that parents can play with kids to spend productive time with them while teaching them important life lessons. You can also include some of the more classic games such as Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Monkey in the Middle to your list to make it more fun.