How to Care for a French Bulldog Puppy?

The French Bulldog; rapidly becoming the most popular of breeds, their cute faces, fun natures, and all-round happiness makes them a very special family dog. But this is a breed that does require the very best looking after, and taking care of a French Bulldog puppy is so important, so you can make sure you have a healthy and happy puppy.


Make Sure the French Bulldog is the Right Choice

Before you even choose your French Bulldog, you must be certain you are making the best, and right, choice.

But how do you know the Frenchie is a good breed for you?

Well, learn about the breed, their character, what requirements they need, and whether your living conditions, lifestyle, and location, works for the French Bulldog.

So do your research first, and then make your decision.


What to Expect on Day 1 with a French Bulldog?

Firstly you gotta be prepared for anything!

Think about it this way, if you were just lifted up and deposited somewhere completely new, all of a sudden, then you might not be so happy! This is especially true if your Frenchie has just left their littermates, and their comfy breeders home.

So don’t worry if your French Bulldog is a bit sad, or even a little scared. Take it easy, present a calm, quiet environment, and let your Frenchie come out and about at its own speed. It can take a few days for some to start showing signs of confidence.

On the other side, some fun-loving Frenchies, just bounce right into their new home happily.

Whichever way it goes, expect a lot of sleep in that first day, all the new changes will exhaust your French Bulldog puppy.


Top Challenges with a French Bulldog Puppy

There are two big problems, and irritations, with a new French Bulldog puppy!

And in many ways, these two problems come together as one, as it will be when they are alone, and fed up, that your Frenchie is most likely to destructively chew up your home!

Separation Anxiety & Chewing

A French Bulldog is one of the most loving breeds possible, and LOVE to be around people. So they really don’t like to be alone, and trust me, you can expect to see the saddest face ever, when you prepare to go out the door without them.

There is a solution to help separation anxiety! If you give your pup a little treat or toy, before you leave, then you can help to counter this anxiety, as the associate it with something more positive. But especially in young puppyhood, it is best not to leave your pup for too long, certainly not for more than a few hours.

And chewing is most often a form of stress relief, and a Frenchie is most stressed when alone. So if your Frenchie is left out and free in your home, when alone, get your delicates and harmful items out of their reach!

But be warned, chewing is just darn fun too, so your sneaky Frenchie pup can still chew when you are not watching them close enough. And it helps relieve their teething when young.

Again a good chew toy can help them focus their chewing on a more appropriate item.


Feeding & Exercising your French Bulldog

These two crucial, crucial responsibilities, can be put together under 1 mega important focus – your Frenchies HEALTH.

As you will know from looking into the breed, the French Bulldog is sadly not a perfectly formed dog, in that the shape, size, and organisation of their body can cause health issues. Both breathing and digestive complaints are unfortunately common with Frenchies.

But if you choose a Frenchie from a good breeder, that has bred a healthy bloodline, then through the right feeding, and the right amount of exercise, you can do so much to keep health issues far away from your pup.


Feeding Amounts and Frequency for your French Bulldog


Small portions, more often is a good rule to follow. This way you can avoid your Frenchies stomach getting too overwhelmed, and causing them discomfort. The Frenchie being a snub nosed breed, and with breathing issues, means they can struggle to get in air when eating, so littler portions can avoid any major trouble there.


Stick to high-quality food, dry food, in small pieces being the best. Moreover, you can get specialist Frenchie food too. And if you give them dry food, mixing a little water in to moisten the food can help it go down smoother too.


Exercising your French Bulldog Puppy

A Frenchie is a fun-loving breed, but many see them as exercise lite dogs, similar to the English Bulldog. But that just isn’t true, they need the right amount of exercise to keep them healthy and happy, both physically and mentally.

While a French Bulldog puppy may want to play a lot, and have lots of energy, their exercise needs are a little lower than that of an adult. Especially as they are growing and you don’t want to put a strain on their little legs.

This is a rough guide of exercise per day, which includes walking and any vigorous playing:


Age                 Amount per Day

8 Weeks          10 minutes

3 Months         15 minutes

4 Months         25 minutes

6 Months         35 minutes

9 Months         45 minutes


Of course, every Frenchie is different, and if your French Bulldog tires sooner, you shouldn’t be concerned. And if they enjoy just a little more without looking overly tired that is fine too.

Socializing and Training your Frenchie Puppy

Every dog needs to be socialized and trained, and your French Bulldog puppy will be no exception.

Though a friendly breed, it does not hurt to introduce them to new, friendly people and dogs as early as possible, so they are 100% comfortable around them. And the same goes for visiting different places, both busy and quiet.

The three main areas of training for your Frenchie is obedience, potty and leash, and really it comes down to the individual dog in regards to how easy or hard it is.

Some French Bulldogs can be stubborn when it comes to training. While Frenchies are loyal, and you may be surprised to hear, an intelligent dog breed, they can be persistent in getting things the way they want. You need to be determined, and resist that sweet, soft little face of theirs!

However Frenchies do love to please their owners, especially when they respect them, so training becomes much easier when you establish a strong leadership role early on.

Positive training is the key, in all areas. It’s important to limit your lessons to short, five – ten minute periods. French Bulldogs don’t have much attention span or patience, so longer lessons will only bore them. Then patiently repeat the lessons 3-5 times a day when your puppy is relaxed, fed, and calm.

For potty training, the crate training method often works best.


Grooming your Frenchie Puppy

Here comes the good news! The French Bulldog is a pretty easy breed when it comes to grooming.

Nearly all Frenchies love water, and the can really enjoy bath time. A good bath at least once a month, using specialist dog shampoo will be fine for your Frenchie. More than once a fortnight may be considered excessive, and even harmful for their skin.

Their ears, eyes and wrinkles are something to watch out for too, all can get dirty, and need at least weekly maintenance to keep healthy. Luckily there’s specialist wipes out there to keep all that clean and healthy too.

For their teeth, you do have the option of a roughly weekly clean with dog toothpaste, but there are also special dog chew snacks out there too that your Frenchie will love.

So with a little care and concentration, you can have a wonderful time raising your French Bulldog puppy.

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