Why and How Not to Yell at Kids

Yelling at kids can have an adverse effect on their mental health and growth, so it is better to avoid the same. Even if you do, take some precautionary measures instantly to lessen the mental harm. Before you adopt the yelling habit, consider the fact that you too were once a kid. Yell at kids only when you have evaluated that no other way is working for correcting the child’s behavior.

Why Shouldn’t You Yell at Kids?

Yelling is a way of expressing anger. Accompanying yelling with harsh words, insult or verbal putdown is as good as inflicting emotional abuse. Moreover, it can affect kids negatively with low self-esteem, aggression, anxiety, rudeness, etc. It can even affect the mental health of kids.

Remember, children do not have the same understanding that you have. So you have to step in their shoes and try to understand their thought process, rather than shouting at them. Kids are in their preliminary learning phase, so they are bound to make mistakes. Kids might often turn you mad, but they might do that just to grab your attention and love.

yelling at your kids

Here are certain tips that you can follow to reduce yelling at kids.

Listen to Your Kids

Careful listening is the first ground rule for good parenting. Listen to your kids earnestly. Make sure that you know the full story behind their actions. In certain cases, it is possible that your kid did something unexpected just because he/she was scared. If you yell at kids for such a behavior, chances are that you are weakening your bonding unknowingly. Rather, as a good parent, try to probe into the cause and get rid of the fear.

Be a Kid Occasionally

Kids may not be comfortable around you if you do not pay enough attention to them. More so, if you are always engaged in work or remain stressed most of the times. It will not be long before your kid starts hiding things from you. A good way to bond with your kids is to engage in silly and playful activities with them occasionally. Being with kids and making them feel that you are one of them is a perfect way of bonding with kids.

By doing this, you will make sure that you see the world from your kids’ perspective once in a while. This can also help you relax and de-stress from your work for a while.

Apply Time-out Strategy to Calm Down

If you are stressed at work, you have a higher tendency to yell at kids even for a minor mischief that you should otherwise ignore. If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer handle the anger and are on the verge of yelling, take a time-out. Ask your spouse, friend or neighbor to babysit your kid while you take a stroll through the fresh air of the park. Go out for a movie once in a while and enjoy yourself.

Remember to Breathe and Let Go

If you cannot invite someone over to babysit your kid, and the child is driving you crazy, remember the basic breathing technique to calm yourself down. You should realize that yelling at your kids will eventually make your job harder and also affect your kid in a possibly irreversible negative way.

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Just remember to take a deep breath, close your eyes for a minute. Reinforce positive behavior and drink cool water to calm yourself down. To keep yourself away from yelling, try things that give you internal happiness and de-stress you. For example, sharing your troubles with friends/family, listening to good music, and writing/reading/dancing for a while so that you feel relaxed. Do not be extremely harsh and choose words wisely so that you do not spoil your relationship with them over something negligible. Yell at kids only if it is extremely essential.