30 Picture-Worthy Father’s Day Cakes that Are Guaranteed to Melt His Heart

Count on your father’s sweet tooth this year with our showstopping Father’s Day cakes that are simply hard to resist. Choose from a vast universe of multiple-tiered cakes, or customize the sweet to his choices with themed cakes. Let’s say these cheery Father’s Day cake ideas make for the ideal gifts for your superhero dad, thanks to their prime ingredient being love.

The Best Father’s Day Cake Recipes

Check out the recipes for the S’mores swirl cake can be topped with his favorite gooey chocolate sauce, mini marshmallows and crushed graham crackers for a throwback to the summer camps. For one of the most heartwarming Father’s Day cake decoration, you can look for the Follow-the-Footprints malted sheet cake, because you follow your dad’s leads. If you are searching for the best Father’s Day Bundt cake, you can consider trying your hands at the triple citrus Bundt. This simplistic Bundt cake acts as the palette cleanser before your father moves on to the next dish.

Instagram-able Father’s Day Cakes

  • Wow, your dad with a fresh fruit cheesecake pie that is both a pie and a cheesecake.
  • Why stick to a single ice-cream scoop when you can indulge on a four-layered blue bell ice cream bombe?
  • Go for Mango Sorbet Pie, to serve the most refreshing vibe on his special day. Choose to top the pie with some crunchy Oreo for added fun.

These Father’s Day cakes recipes and ideas have been successful enough in winning heart all over and promises to give the best surprise to your dad. Browse through the gallery for more ideas on how to make Father’s Day cake and load up on all the Father’s Day chocolate cake recipes and tutorials.

Beer Mug Cake – Get Steps at Dixiecrystals

Beer Mug Cake

Big Mac Cake – Get Steps at Pintsizedbaker

Big Mac Cake

Campfire Cake – Get Steps at Hallmark

Campfire Cake

Chocolate Orange Father’s Day Cake – Get Steps at Tamingtwins

Chocolate Orange Father's Day Cake

Coconut Gluten Free Chocolate Cake – Get Steps at Minimalistbaker

Coconut Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Cookie Dough Cake – Get Steps at Butternutbakeryblog

Cookie Dough Cake

Easy 5 Layer Ice Cream Cake – Get Steps at Sallysbakingaddiction

Easy 5 Layer Ice Cream Cake

Father’s Day Shirt Cupcakes with Fondant – Get Steps at Cakewhiz

Father’s Day Shirt Cupcakes With Fondant

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Mousse Cake – Get Steps at Delicious

Ferrero Rocher chocolate mousse cake

Fresh Cherry Cake with Chocolate Ganache – Get Steps at Thefirstyearblog

Fresh Cherry Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Gentlemen’s Chocolate Whiskey Cake – Get Steps at Sprinklebakes

Gentlemen's Chocolate Whiskey Cake

Golf Cupcakes for Father’s Day – Get Steps at Thesimpleparent

Golf Cupcakes for Father’s Day

Heart Shaped Cake – Get Steps at Fabulesslyfrugal

Heart Shaped Cake

Layered Ice Cream Cake – Get Steps at Eatingonadime

Layered Ice Cream Cake

Lemon Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake – Get Steps at Rockrecipes

Lemon Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake

No Bake Ice Cake – Get Steps at Iowagirleats

No Bake Ice Cake

Orange Juice Cake – Get Steps at Recipepocket

Orange Juice Cake

Pistachio Lemon Bundt Cake – Get Steps at Imperialsugar

Pistachio Lemon Bundt Cake

Pull-Apart Champagne Bottle Cupcakes – Get Steps at Kroger

Pull-Apart Champagne Bottle Cupcakes

Quick Cupcake Idea for Golf Loving Father – Get Steps at BHG

Quick Cupcake Idea for Golf Loving Father

Red Velvet Cheesecake – Get Steps at Bakingamoment

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Rough Coconut Muffins – Get Steps at Delicious

Rough Coconut Muffins

Rugby Cupcakes – Get Steps at Bakingmad

Rugby Cupcakes

Simple Homemade Funfetti Bundt Cake – Get Steps at Averiecooks

Simple Homemade Funfetti Bundt Cake

Strawberry Refrigerator Cake – Get Steps at Crystalandcomp

Strawberry Refrigerator Cake

Tailgating Cooler Cake – Get Steps at Tablespoon

Tailgating Cooler Cake

Tiramisu Cake – Get Steps at Bettycrocker

Tiramisu Cake

Vanilla Father’s Day Cake- Get Steps at Onceuponachef

Vanilla Father's Day Cake

Yummy Strawberry Cake Roll – Get Steps at Loveandoliveoil

Yummy Strawberry Cake Roll

Zucchini Banana Cake – Get Steps at Momontimeout

Zucchini Banana Cake

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