25 Eclectic and Easy DIY Coasters That You Can Make Quickly

Coasters are very important items that not only protect your furniture but also adds greatly to the décor. As a bonus, they also make for wonderful gift items. We have curated some of the best and most creative ideas for easy DIY coasters. Dive straight ahead if you are looking to make some cool coaster crafts which will be a good use of your time when you are feeling bored at home.

Fun and Quirky Ideas for Easy DIY Coasters

Cardboard Coasters:

Cardboard coasters are a great way to upcycle old packaging boxes from stores and accumulated waste paper. To try out DIY coasters from cardboard, you need recycled cardboard recycled paper, paints, varnish, glue, and other tools like scissors, etc. and a dose of creativity. You can make it a fun activity with your children as these are the easiest to do.

Photo Coasters:

For DIY photo coasters, resin, tiles, photographs or other memorabilia like your child’s drawing, foam brush, craft felt, glue stick and some disposable cups and spoon are the materials that you will need. These personalized coasters are popular as gift items for family and friends.

Fabric Coasters:

If you are good at sewing and have bits and scraps of cloth lying around, use them to make DIY fabric coasters. You can choose your fabric depending on the decor of your taste.  It can be boho chic, or checks and stripes, bright colorful or soft pastels.

Tile Coasters:

Small square inexpensive ceramic tiles can be bought and hand-painted to make classy DIY coasters. You can have scrabble tiles coasters or fine floral painted ones. Ink these tiles in a splendor of colors of your choice. You can paint them with sharpie and alcohol or ask your children to paint them with your colored nail polishes.

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