19 Striking DIY Straw Crafts to Brighten up Your Mood

DIY straw crafts are the finest excuse to reuse plastic drinking straws. The plastic straws can be recycled and reused in some genuinely-creative ways. Try these easy crafts with straws if you are looking for some cheery DIY projects with kids. The drinking straws come in a vast-variety-from regular-sized to tall, colorful to traditional and so forth. Collect all types of plastic straws to birth some innovative straw art ideas. Keep reading to stock up on some inspiration and ideas on how to make straw crafts.

Delighting Drinking Straw Craft Ideas

You can choose to make lovely flower straw crafts, as they are bound to make everyone happy. The flowers that you wish to make can vary in colors, sizes. However, the overall effect is undeniably stunning. For straw craft on paper that tweens would love, you can consider making beaded bracelets and necklaces. Just reuse your drinking straws rather than buying pricey jewelry pieces, to craft something unique. A spellbinding multi-colored vase can freshen up the jaded interiors in a jiffy. Just gather some colorful straws and a glass jar to make this project.

Ethereal DIY Straw Crafts

  • Add some character and grace to your dining space with a straw placemat craft. One of the simplest craft with drinking straws, this project is apt for tropical-themed parties.
  • Gather a bunch of colored drinking straws to create the quirkiest craft like the starburst ornament.
  • Keep your toddlers occupied with an interesting straw craft like straw rockets. This exciting straw craft on paper is apt for throwing, spinning and having fun with.

These DIY straw crafts can boost your mood and are kid-friendly. Look for more ideas on melted straw crafts in our gallery.

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Colorful Drinking Straw Necklace

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